All about that base

Want the secret to achieving that flawless dewy look?
We are putting youthful skin in the spot light with one of our make up artists Bek and this handy 'how to'

The best bit? Its totally affordable!

Follow these hot tips and you'll be looking flawless before you know it:
PRIME - Protect your skin and start with a blank canvass. Using a buffing brush, work in one to two pumps all over the face and neck. Allow one minute to set.
COLOUR MATCH - Test along your jaw line so it blends in seamlessly with your neck.
(model wears face base C)
FOUNDATION - Using one to two pumps, buff foundation all over the face including tops of eyes and blending down the neck. Use a stippling motion to ensure a long lasting finish. 
CONCEAL - This should be one to two shades lighter than your foundation colour. With a paddle brush focus under the eye and down the centre of the face. Come back in with your buffing brush to ensure it's perfectly blended. 
SET - Using the translucent setting powder and style powder brush, focus majority of the product down the "t-zone" of the face. Using excess product continue to set outer area of the face.
BRONZE - Warming up the outer area of the face, using summer kiss and the style powder brush lightly brush the product along the forehead, cheek bones and along the jaw line.
CONTOUR - Using and angled brush, softly brush Vegas Sunset along the cheek bones, temples, outer edge of the forehead, jaw line and sides of the nose. Use a buffing brush to soften and blend.
BLUSH - To find the apples of your cheeks, smile and focus product peach punch on the highest points of the cheek and blend up toward cheek bones using the blush brush.
HIGHLIGHT - Using the illuminating powder and small buffing brush, brush product along tops of cheek bones, under eye brows, top of nose and cupids bow. 
LIPS - Keeping it fresh with the amazing Lip Prep to give that natural rosey look.

Finish this look;
Brow dust - medium
Summer kiss over mobile lid and copper please blended over the top & under eye. 
Good amount of power lash on upper and lower lashes. 
See the full video of how to get this flawless look via our youtube channel: