Elevate your look in your 50s - How to achieve eyes that pop for over 50s

How to achieve eyes that pop for over 50s
What are the do’s and don’ts for over 50s?
Great news is there’s no Don'ts!! You can do whatever makes you feel good. But here are some tips we use on our clients to get the best results.
Skin prep. One thing that is very important  for all ages, is skin prep. Preparing the skin appropriately is paramount for a good base! So the night before, we recommend you follow some of the basic steps to prep your skin. Night time is best to apply most skincare because it has 8 hours to absorb into your skin without being compromised. Then in the morning your skin is ready for make up.
Dry skin: If your skin is dry, we recommend exfoliating first. Try using a cleanser with an exfoliating formula. Use a face cloth to give your skin a good exfoliation.
Then to hydrate and brighten, we recommend using a moisturiser with Vit C and or Vit B for rejuvenation.
If you have been advised to use other actives like retinol etc then night time is the best time to apply.
Oily skin
Skincare at night same as above, apply hdrating products that control opil production. if youre super oily, you may have to cleanse again the morning before make up application.
Then prep skin by applying Flawless Finish Mattifying primer. This will help control oil production and create a flawless base for your foundation. Be sure to apply setting powder and be generous throughout t-zone. 
Combination skin
On the day of makeup application, splash your face with cold water, pat down with face cloth then once skin is completely dry, apply First Base Primer. You don’t need moisturiser and First Base because First Base is a Moisturiser! It has 2% Hyaluronic Acid so it will give your skin and instant moisture deposit. The white Sapphire and Pearl essence will give skin an instant glow and satin finish. It’s the perfect way to prime your skin for smooth and flawless base without leaving any greasy residue.
Once skin is prepped we then go in with corrector on inner corner of eyes and and outer corner to lift. Only minimal product is needed as we don’t want it to crease or cake. Using too much concealer will create ‘caking under the eyes’. If there’s any other discolouration on the face such as age spots, pigmentation or blemishes use your corrector to spot conceal. Once the correcting/concealing is complete, then apply a light layer of Face Base Foundation using buffing brush. Once first layer of foundation is on, it’s time to get started on the eyes! 
How do we make eyes pop when we have hoods, texture, drooping lids, deep set etc? We use clever techniques and shades to compliment our eye colours and shape.
Here some tips:
Counteract dropping eyes by using eyeliner to lift the outer corners. Smudge eye liner and or shadow from under the eye in outer corner and push the product upward and outward to lift and elongate the eye. Use a cotton bud to clean and sharpen the Smokey wing. Then use tapered end of concealer brush to apply a tiny amount of concealer to clean up that outer wing. Taking the liner out further will create a more upturned and bigger eye.then apply a half lash to outer corner to really elongate the eye. Use Ice Cream highlighter on inner corner to brighten and under brow to lift and create space, again making eyes appear bigger. Be very careful NOT to follow the lash line down with your eye liner as it will emphasise the the downturned and droopy look. You must take the product upwards and outwards to create a new shape.
Colour choice is really important to get that ‘pop’. 
Blue/Green Eyes 
Scorched Brown Eye Liner
Base and outer corner
Mia matte brown
Summer kiss
Mobile lid
Skinny latte
Rust lust
Brown/Hazel Eyes
Blackest Black Eye Liner
Base and outer corner
Summer kiss
Mia matte brown
Burnt orange
Peach Punch
Mobile lid
Skinny Latte
Cab Sav and black eyeliner is also a great option for eyes that pop in all eye colours!
Remember to smudge out your eye liner  using a small bullet brush or tapered end of dual vegan brush. This makes it a lot easier to disguise hoods, droopy lids etc. Avoid using shimmery products on the hooded area. Matte shadows will help disguise texture and hoods. Doesn’t mean you can’t use shimmers it’s just about placement.
Most of all remember to enjoy make up, it’s a way to express ourselves and should always feel good. Stick with weightless and hydrating products for ultimate wearability and comfort.