Masterclass at Chisholm | Get The Look!

On Wednesday 21st June, HQ Makeup Artist Enrica conducted a masterclass at the Chisholm Institutes at Berwick & Dandenong.

During the session, the students were immersed in the magic of the Runway range, discovering the artistry behind its products and receiving expert guidance. Enrica not only shared valuable industry tips and tricks but also provided a demonstration to inspire the students.

They then had the opportunity to recreate the looks, showcasing their own radiant and skillfully crafted interpretations of the glam.

The first look conducted was a winged liner & red lip combination.

A bold lip works beautifully with an understated eye, so a winged liner with a fluffy lash is the perfect choice to pair with Supermodel lipstick. The look is harmonious because blush was applied through the eyes and cheeks to complement the rosey hues from the lips. 


  • First Base Primer
  • Face Base A-
  • Concealer A
  • Mineral Power Foundation A
  • Peach Punch Blush (on eyes and cheeks)
  • Vegas Sunset Bronzer (on eyes and cheeks)
  • Illuminator Powder (on eyes and cheeks)
  • Black Gel Pot Liner with RR short angled brow brush
  • Precision Lash Mascara
  • Luxe Lashes
  • Pressed Brow Powder - Medium
  • Supermodel Lipstick

The second look conducted was a modern-day smokey eye.

When the 'drama' of the look is in one area (eyes or lips), similarly to the previous look, we want to keep the attention drawn there. Therefore, when creating a smokey eye, a nude lip provides the perfect finish. The modern-day smokey eye leans towards a fused, soft glam. Smokey eyes are seldom finished with sharp wings and cut creases as they used to be. Keeping the look nice & soft, and fusing out a pencil liner to blend the eyes seamlessly is definitely more on-trend.



  • First Base Primer
  • Face Base A & B mixed
  • Concealer Pink Flesh
  • Mineral Power Foundation A
  • Peach Punch Blush
  • Summer Kiss Bronzer
  • Illuminator Powder
  • Blackest Black Eye liner on top & waterline
  • Peanut Butter Eye Dust
  • Mia's Matte Brown Eyeshadow
  • Precision Lash Mascara
  • Loquacious Lashes
  • Pressed Brow Powder - Light
  • Librarian Lipstick
  • Summer Days Gloss