Runway Room Cosmetics takes on Auckland

Runway Room Cosmetics takes on Auckland!

With the pandemic somewhat behind us, our team at Runway Room are so excited to be back out in full force to introduce our ethical, uncomplicated & ageless Aussie brand to new markets, and begin to expand our international reach. Our first stop? Naturally, our neighbours over in Auckland, New Zealand!
Working together with our amazing beauty team at Kate & Co PR, we were invited to showcase Runway Room Cosmetics in all its luxurious glory, and the response did not disappoint!
We had the pleasure of meeting some of Auckland's finest stylists, influencers and beauty editors. Introducing them to our Australian owned & made range created such a buzz - everybody had the opportunity to swatch the products, touch and feel the premium packaging, discuss sustainability in the beauty industry, chat about what clients in the local area are looking for in their cosmetics... among other inspiring conversations.

High on the discussion list was our magnetic refillable palettes, and everyone was drawn to our brand's aesthetic - the luxe packaging, the peachy tones, colour palettes and the overall weightless feel of our products on the skin.

The demand for beauty - let alone clean beauty - is insatiable. We are so thrilled to have had the opportunity, to have cultivated such high interest beyond our borders, and of course, introduce ourselves to all of our new brand lovers! 

The recurring question on everyone's lips...”Where can we buy this in New Zealand?”

Well, New Zealand - we hear you! Watch this space, because we will be back and sooner than you think!