Membership Benefits

Our free membership program, RunwayPro, offers professionals a wide range of exclusive benefits, such as;

  • Unique educational experiences 
  • An exclusive 40% off full-priced items
  • Ability to stock and sell Runway Cosmetics
  • Live workshops with our senior artists
  • A comprehensive selection of professional makeup
  • Early access to exclusive offers and packs
  • Business-building tips from current industry professionals
  • 24/7 support

About Runway Room

Runway Room’s vision is to demystify beauty and make it accessible to everyone.

We want our products to be worn with confidence, transforming the way people feel about themselves and the way they feel about beauty. 

Promoting informed buying by educating our customers on how to apply our products for optimal results. 

Providing easy to use ‘sets’ that include products, tools and visual tutorials making a flawless finish achievable for everyone. 

Runway Room is a brand built on the foundations of quality Australian Made products, clean ingredients, innovation, ethics and exceptional service.

Our purpose has always been to make people look and more importantly ‘feel’ their best.