Blackest Black Eye Liner

Looking for an easy way to achieve that high-velocity glam? Look no further! Introducing the Blackest Black eyeliner pencil. This opaque pencil has the perfect gliding texture to define and contour the eyelids & waterline so that you can seamlessly achieve an intense sultry smokey, or use it as the secret weapon to enhance the lash line. With skin conditioning ingredients and a satisfyingly smooth, ultra-blendable formulation; this foolproof pencil is a non-negotiable for everybody's makeup kit, from professional artists to makeup novices alike. 

Dermatologically Tested 
Ophthalmologically Tested 
Longlasting Tested 
Perfume Free 
Cedar Wood 
PEFC - Certified

Weight: 1,37 g 
PAO: 36 months 
Expiry Date: 72 months 
Made in Spain

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