Gentle Wet & Dry Brush - Natalie Anne


Detangle, wave & shine, the only brush you need for a tangle free mane. Our Gentle Wet Dry Brush is the perfect detangler for all hairtypes. It can be used in the shower as a wet detangler, when used in conjunction with our Natalie Anne Hydration Mask. Use on dry hair for damage free detangling and high shine using Vegan boar bristle to gently disperse your naaturally occuring oils throughout the scalp. The densely packed bristles are also fantastic for styling and finishing perfect waves.

Can be used Wet or Dry

Vegan, Cruelty free

Will promote shine and help you create the perfect glossy wave.

Matt finish allows for the perfect grip when blow-drying.

Synthetic bristles & nylon pins.

On wet and dry hair always start brushing from mid-lengths to ends first, before moving up towards the roots.

FINE / MEDIUM hair types.

Detangling wet hair. Perfect to distribute conditioner or treatments in the shower or at the basin. Its oval shape is designed to snatch the perfect pony.

When used dry, it will promote shine and help you create the perfect wave.


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