Lip Liner - Dusty Nude

Sometimes less-is-more - cheat luscious lips with our Dusty Nude lip liner! With a gorgeous, dusty pink hue, this formula is satisfyingly smooth and perfect for those who want to enhance and elevate their natural lips without stepping out too far from the comfort zone. The delicate texture glides on and blends easily, and provides a semi-matte finish.
Pair your lip liner with your favourite Runway lipstick or lip gloss, and extend the wear of your makeup. 
Our picks for pairing Dusty Nude - Lip Prep, Ballerina Lipstick, Librarian Lipstick, Feminist Lipstick, Boss Lipstick, Simply Suede Lip Gloss, Toffee Cream Lip Gloss
With a range of 5 wearable lip liners - we have a pencil for every makeup moment!

Dermatologically Tested 
Longlasting Tested 
Perfume Free 
Cedar Wood 
PEFC - Certified

Weight: 1,37 g 
PAO: 36 months 
Expiry Date: 72 months 
Made in Spain

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