4 palettes x 4 different looks... All mineral | All you need to know.

Hello beauties!

We know you love keeping your makeup collection gorgeous and peachy.. alas, we've created a sleek, new product that will look good both in your stash AND on your face. Win-win? Actually, we've dropped FOUR new products.

Introducing our Quad Eye Shadow palettes, with each palette containing a combination of four different eyeshadows that work hand-in-hand with one another. 

Why is this palette different to your regular makeup you ask? How much time do we have?

  • Its sleek, small, light and compact body makes it easy to store, and even easier to take with you 'on voyage'
  • The shadows are interchangeable, meaning if you 'hit pan' on a product, you can order the shade alone instead of waiting centuries to replace the entire palette. This one's for you, OCD.
  • 100% MINERAL. Yes you read that right.. gone are the days of beauty coming at the cost of well, beauty. Some products that are being filled with harsh chemicals and other concoctions are doing you no favours. Rest assured that our mineral palettes contain naturally derived ingredients. 
  • All the peace of mind that's synonymous with Runway Room; Made in Aus, not tested on animals, high quality and of course, high pigment. Run, don't walk.  


Contains: Camouflage Eyeshadow, Snakeskin Eyeshdow, Chaps Eyeshadow and Soot Eyeshadow

A look designed for the bold, this dark, sultry green/camo look will draw attention to those gorgeous eyes and is a stunning go-to for a night out.

Click play to see this palette in action on the stunning Loucia. 





Contains: Dream Time Eyeshadow, Gold Sands Eyeshadow, Rust lust Eyeshadow, Soot Eyeshadow

This stunning, warm golden palette will be a desert-island product for absolutely everyone as it flatters a massive combination of complexions and eye colours. The neutrality of this palette also means that it's so wearable and versatile, and can easily be taken from day into night.  

Click play to see how Demie sports this palette for Valentines Day!



Contains: Bridesmaid Eyeshadow, Summer Dust Eyeshadow, Truffle Eyeshadow, Dusty Rose Eyeshadow 

The name says it all; this is for your bride who wants to be the soft, glowing goddess that nobody can take their eyes off. Its soft hues and pink shades will leave you looking effortless and still day-time appropriate. (Hint, you can still buy this palette if you're not a bride-to-be. We won't tell!)

Click play to see this ACTUAL Bride-To-Be (congratulations Jess!) wear this palette. Cue the champagne. 



Contains: Dream Time Eyeshadow, Bridesmaid Eyeshadow, Pink Pearl Eyeshadow, Cab Say  Eyeshadow

'Founders Favs' holds a dear place in Alex's heart, as it is indeed a selection of her favourite shades of the entire Runway Room range. Featuring pinks, purples and bronzes, this feminine palette is an absolute staple for anybody's kit. They really are our best selling shadow shades, and for very good reason. Thanks us later!

Click play to see the palette in action.