Get to know... Jessica Oxwell; Runway Room's Head MUA!

1) Jess, what made you want to get into Makeup Artistry?

I used to steal my younger cousins away to my bedroom at family gatherings and put makeup on them. By age 10 I was asking for cosmetics for my birthday and in my year 7 yearbook I said my dream job was a "makeup artist to the stars!", that idea never left me. I originally thought I would get into all areas of beauty as its been such a personal interest for me, but after I did a makeup course I realised thats all I wanted to do. I dont feel that doing makeup on someone is a job, its very enjoyable for me. 

2) What do you think makes you stand out from other Makeup Artists? 
I guess Im still pretty old school, I don't look at someone and think about ways I can contour and change their face to fit a trend. I look at them and think "what would I want to enhance and what would I want to disguise if I had this persons face". My goal is to make someone look as fresh and polished as possible and work within their style. Im always observing a clients clothes/handbag/hair to get a feel for the type of woman they are before I recommend a look for them.
3) What drew you to Runway Room?
I originally wanted to work for Runway Room as a freelance artist, I knew Alex had recently opened Hampton and was building her mobile team. Back then there werent many businesses providing that kind of work for independent makeup artists, and when I met Alex in person I just really liked her. So I was always keen to take any opportunity that came up.
4) Which RR products are your favourite?
Peach Punch blush is the best blush Ive ever used, and I also love our Summer Kiss bronzer, I use it on face body and eyes. Pink Flesh is a go to for dark circles, a good colour correcting concealer with the right consistency is hard to find on the market. I am also obsessed with Lip Prep, thats my desert island product for sure. 
5) What has been your highest achievement in your career?
I feel like Im constantly learning in my job and Im often out of my comfort zone, my highest achievement has been pushing through those moments and getting better at things that have scared me at one time or another. 13 years ago the thought of a client asking for winged liner made me break out in a sweat, now I put a wing on anyone that will let me! I used to get really nervous doing demo's in front of a group, but since I have been teaching our academy I dont get nervous at all anymore and its actually my favourite part of the class. 
6) What are you most looking forward to sharing in your workshop?
I look forward to showing everyone how simple yet effective a makeup can be when you choose the right product combinations, and use enough product. If theres one thing I see among beginner artists or the everyday woman is the fear of too much product. Thats often why the base looks patchy and worn by midday. A flawless base is what separates a professional application to an amateur one, but anyone can achieve a professional looking base if they follow the right  steps :)