A love letter to you, from HQ - VALENTINES DAY

Hello lovers!

If you’re reading this - congratulations... you’ve survived the havoc that is January and have officially made it through the craziest time of the year.

Now that everything is mellowing out, we couldn’t think of a more perfect time for one of our favourite dates to be right around the corner. The roses, the chocolate heart-shaped boxes… you got it. Feb 14; the time of year where cheesiness is totally acceptable and the perfect opportunity for whipping up your most impressive glam.



This year, we’re crushing on:

  • Face Base Foundation
  • A glowy complexion and great-looking skin typically depicts good health, which is key to looking, and feeling, more attractive overall. Face Base is notorious for evening out complexion, whilst still maintaining that fresh, flattering glow. It is super lightweight so you won’t run the risk of looking cakey or overdone. So effortless, so ‘woke up like this’.

  • Peach Punch Blush 
  • This blush is the perfect way to cheat your way to youthful looking skin and natural radiance. Found in our Glow Palette and on its on as a solo hero-product, Peach Punch is one of our best sellers and for good reason- the complexion it brings to the face is remarkable, and brings life to an overly-bronzed up look. Val Day is not a day to dull down, amp up your glam with this gorgeous peach shade and thank me later!

  • Mascara
  • Having long, luscious lashes makes it easier to bat them at bae, right? Our Power Lash mascara is known to transform not only those with voluminous lashes, but also those who have lashes that struggle in the length-department. It is smudge-free and doesn’t contain parabens, so we think it’s the best thing you could do for your peepers!

  • Luxe Lash Enhancement

    To add some extra drama to your eye makeup look, our lash enhancements are definitely the way to go. Easy to apply, inclusive of glue - it’s a no brainer! We particularly love the effect of ‘’Luxe’’ lash enhancement, as its deisgned to have wispy segmented parts which are so flattering and lengthening.

  • Matte Lip
  • We know your Feb 14 will most likely consist of eating, drinking and locking lips (no need to be shy), so having some reassurance that your lipstick will last as long as possible is a non-negotiable. Our Matte Lip will not only extend the life of your lips, but will keep your lips feeling soft and cashmere-y. Plus with a range of shades to choose from, we’ve got you covered if you’d like more of a nude look, or a bold statement.

  • CEO / Governer Lipstick
  • To match the romantic vibes, we’re crushing on CEO and Governer lipsticks - CEO being a deep red and Governer a gorgeous, hot pink. They ooze feminity, vibrancy and are so soft and hydrating for your lips. There’s nothing worse than puckering up when you know your lips feel like a drought.

  • Kimberleys Quad Eyeshadow Palette
  • We’ve launched our brand new product and just in time - there are multiple Quad Eyshadow Palettes to choose from, however for a sultry look we can’t go past the Kimberleys palette. Featuring Brideshine (a gorgeous shadow for brightening the inner corner of your eyes), Rust Lust (a rich, golden bronze tone for the mobile lid), Dreamtime & Soot- both being a darker shade to smoke out to your heart’s content.

    As you may have picked up by now, we love having your back in the lead up to important dates in your calendar (yep, we consider Val Day of the highest importance) - so we’ve prepped a classic look that we know you’ll fall head-over-heels for. Whether you’ll be spending time with a special swipe-right or your long-term beau, turn heads on your date night and feel your absolute best.

    Runway Room HQ MUA Enrica is here to show us the most requested Feb 14 face, featuring smoldering eyes, lush lashes, and romantic red kissers.