GET TO KNOW our Master Class's Featured artist: NICOLE AQUILINA (also known as @_namakeup on your Insta Feed)

A big welcome to this fabulous lady, Nicole Aqulina!

Nicole is a professional MUA who has had countless years in this industry painting faces and building such a reputable name for herself. We are so excited to have her with us to educate you all with Masterclasses that will help you bring your best face forward for any occasion. 


Getting to know Nicole...

1) Nicole, what made you want to get into Makeup Artistry?

I actually wanted to be a photographer, and I was always artsy and creative through school. I loved the idea of fashion photo shoots with glamorous models
(used to binge watch Next Top Model 😂)  When going to uni for photography fell through, I thought about what it was that I really liked about photo shoots and what other way could I be creative- so thought makeup would be the next best thing! Never looked back... 
2) What do you think makes you stand out from other Makeup Artists?
Hmmmm tough one! 
I like to keep my looks minimal, and I’m all about the soft smokey blown out look! I can keep it light and natural whilst still giving glam and impact. 
Theres a lot less artists with the sort of paired back approach, there’s a lot more of your heavy glam these days but I just focus on what I enjoy doing which id say my style sits somewhere in between. Whether that makes me stand out I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
3) What drew you to Runway Room?
Alex! What an awesome lady! I love supporting boss women. 
Being Australian made and operated is huge. And it makes me want to support more so than your bigger overseas stores! A makeup artist that has turned her passion into a business, which means you know it’s made carefully and with love! 💖

4) Which RR products are your favourite?
Peach Punch blush! Such a beautiful youthful colour 😍 also LOVEEE the mascara!!!  
5) What has been your highest achievement in your career?
I would say building my absolute passion into my business and then to a successful point. 
I made myself from a nobody and nothing to what it is today. I’ve been flown overseas for weddings, done Brownlow makeup, makeup for campaigns and runways and had my makeup recognised by people I idolise. 
So yeah I would say my business as a whole is my highest achievement. 

6) What are you most looking forward to sharing in your workshop?
I can’t wait to show everyone my tips and tricks, but probably most excited- the question I get asked all the time- is how to achieve my warm smokey eye!