Bethenny Frankel LOVES Runway Room!

In case you have missed it, Bethenny Frankel discovered Runway Room (we sent her some products to review, never thinking anything would come of it ) and she loves our Australian Made Products!

Why is this so exciting??? Well apart from the obvious reason that its Bethenny Frankel!!!!!!!!!!! Its because Bethenny is a genuine Beauty Critic. She is sent hundreds of products to review and is very authentic in her reviews. SO for her to go to the trouble of posring about us and continuing to use our products in her beauty routine, its simply AMAZING!!!

Bethenny is a well accomplished business woman with a huge wealth of knowledge in all things business, beauty as well as fashion, alcohol and TV. Starring on the RHONY, Bethenny became a hot favourite of the franchise. Her direct manner, quick wit and savvy, no BS attitude made her a viewer favourite. Bethenny's business acumen saw her career go from strength to strength using every opportunity to grow her brand. Known for founding the Skinny Girl Cocktail Brand and later selling for over One hundred million dollars, Bethenny is no slouch when it comes to business and quality products. So.... this is why it means so much to me, as the Brand Founder. I have always admired Bethenny's tenacity and strength in business and it just means the world to see her using my products.... thank you Bethenny.