What are PFAs and why are they used in Cosmetics?

What are PFAs?

Many Australians could be applying toxic chemicals to their faces daily without knowing. Many big name brands use PFAs in their Beauty Products to enhance performance. In other parts of the world the use of PFAs is still not regulated. In Australia, there are regulations to stop Manufacturers adding PFAs to formulas. BUT don't be mistaken, you can still purchase many, many products that contain PFAs in Australia!  Why? Becuase the sale of these products is still legal, just the production of them in Australia is prohibited. So that means shopping Australian Made is a better option! Also don't be fooled by so called Australian Brands as they may be Australian owned but may be manufactured elsewhere, this could mean the ingredients are not as safe as you think.  Per and polyfluoroalkl substances, known as PFAs are a group of more than 4,000 synthetic chemicals that can be added to household products to make them heat, stain, grease or water resistant. Its most commonly used in waterproof or long wearing make up.

How do I avoid PFAs in make-up?

Start by asking the brand if they use PFAs because even 'Natural' or 'Organic" Brands may contain PFAs. Avoid 'colour stay', 'long wear', 'water proof' products as they are more likely to contain these 'Forever Chemicals". Also look for Australian Made products, as our practices are a lot more regulated.

Why are they bad for you?

PFAs also commonly referred to as 'forever chemicals' are known to be present in your system and the environment for many, many years. Hence the nickname "Forever". The effects of these chemicals on the human body have been found to affect Liver, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol levels, pregnancy and shown an increased risk to Kidney and Testicular cancer. There's also studies to suggest that PFAs reduce the ability of the body';s immune system to fight infections, including interference with the body's natural hormones.

What Brands should you be using?

Well obviously Australian Made Runway Room!!! We are proud to say we don't use PFAs in any of our products! There are also many other brands who do not use PFAS but be mindful that there are many that do! Major brands that you will find in all the big retailers still use PFAs in some of their products. If you're not sure whether a brand contains PFAs, at least avoid water proof, water resistant and long wear products. I would rather touch up my make up throughout the day than be consuming FOREVER CHEMICALS!