Hate Running Bare? Get Your GAME FACE On!

Having a full face, high-velocity glam can be great to lift your mood & feel great about yourself... but let’s face it- swapping Foundation for Fitness Gear can feel just as good sometimes! Whether you’re actually going to the gym, or just have all the gear and no idea (read: Sunday brunch with the girls...we don’t judge) having a little bit of coverage can make you look, and importantly- feel, on top of the world.

Everybody knows your skin will get her karma if you decide to go on a 10k run or smash a massive sweat session at the gym with a heavy, full-face. I don’t know about you, but all I can think of is that nasty makeup separation, trapped toxins that are trying to get out, and clogged pores (they open up even more when your body temperature is high).

According to Andy Millward, a facialist, aesthetician & member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, ‘’When the skin is warmer, it is more susceptible to product absorption. Meaning, makeup sitting on the surface will be absorbed quite easily which leads to congestion and blockages within the pores’’. If congestion builds up in the pores, they will stretch to fit those blockages- resulting in larger pores in the long run.

Additionally, we all know that sweating releases those nasty toxins in our body, so if you’re trapping them under a thick layer of foundation, those waste materials are going to stick to the surface of the skin. As you can imagine, not allowing these toxins to break free will inevitably make your skin look unhealthy in the long run, and will really hinder your skin from GLOWING!

Alas, if you love sporting that au naturale look, and rate a little bit of coverage all while looking fresh & healthy, we have made the perfect little bundle for you

introducing GAME FACE |  100% sweat-friendly

Mineral make-up for work or play... Suitable to wear when exercising. Includes Sun protection SPF 15+. Nourishes the skin. Suitable for all skin types!









    If you refuse to hit the gym sans-makeup, our GAME FACE pack was made for you!

    Mineral makeup actually allows your skin to breathe - which is one of the reasons why regular makeup has proven to be so detrimental to your skin.

    Our Mineral Powder gives a flawless coverage, is buildable and won’t leave you with that cakey finish. This is why we we’re confident that you can skip on the foundation and your skin will still look great & be thanking you later!

    More of an outdoorsy buff? Fear not- this powder contains SPF 15+ to protect you from sun damage. Sun protection + light coverage + good for your skin… It doesn’t get any better than that!


    Our Glow Palette is our triple threat product which has proven to be another cult favourite. All of our powders are 100% mineral and its sleek body slips effortlessly into your gym bag. Our Vegas Sunset bronzer works beautifully applied to the hollows of the cheeks to really enhance those cheekbones, and to the temples of the forehead to add that beautiful, sun-kissed look. The Peach Punch brings that healthy, peachy complexion to the skin. To prep your makeup for the gym, we would recommend going in lightly with this product because you ought to get all pink and flushed the natural way! Our stunning, pearly illuminator will give your skin look photoready glow (even though you may feel absolutely defeated after your workout).


    Lip Prep is a nourishing lip exfoliator. It contains natural ingredients including peppermint and menthol, helping your lips look gorgeous and plump. Its hydrating properties will help to fight against the harsh elements of the outside world if you like working out outdoors... so pucker up and kiss those cracked, dry lips goodbye!


    Kabuki brush is a crowd favourite brush, and features a long handle and natural fibres. Its soft finish feels so luxe on your skin, and is the perfect powder brush for your entire face, and will ensure that your flawless base isn't disturbed whatsoever. 

    Oh, and in case you forgot- all of our products are CRUELTY FREE & AUSTRALIAN MADE!


    Read all about benefits of mineral makeup on our previous blog and why it’s a healthier alternative to regular makeup: https://www.runwayroom.com/blogs/news/a-chemical-of-concern-is-there-lead-in-your-red

    CLICK PLAY to see how our Brand Ambassador, Mia Fevola, achieves that light coverage that is perfect for a sweat session!