How to: Foundation-Free Summer Skin

If you're someone who is on-the-go or prefers a no-foundation day but still want that healthy glow, then this look is for you!

Mia Fevola showcases an easy 5 minute makeup routine that anyone of any age, or skill level, can achieve.

Key Products:

Step 1: Apply First Base Primer to create a luminous and hydrated base for underneath makeup, allowing for longevity of the products on top.

Step 2: Use fingertips to blend Ice-cream Highlighter into the highest points of your cheekbones, forehead, down the bridge of your nose and cupids bow for that extra glow.

Step 3: Use Mineral Bronze Stick with Buffer Baton brush to create depth and dimension to your face. I use this to contour as well as warm up my complexion.

Step 4: Peach Punch Mineral Blush to the apples of your cheek and blending up towards your temple to give a face lift illusion. A vital step in my routine to bring back that healthy flush of colour to my face, as well as on lips to give the perfect pink hue.

Step 5: A light dusting of Brosh all over the face to add a touch of coverage and warmth to blend my face to my neck.

The perfect summer look to bring that healthy glow to your skin with a weightless feel!