How to: Underpaint, for any age!

No matter your age or skill-level, this look is achievable for you!

Underpainting is a technique used by many celebrity makeup artists, as it can often give the most natural end-result by creating all depth and definition underneath and minimal foundation overtop to blend, ultimately using less layers and amounts of product.

Pro-tip: focus more product on the highest point of cheekbone to maximise that glow. 

Pro-tip: the first point of contact to skin is where majority of the product and coverage will be placed, so always apply directly onto the darkest part of your dark circles to ensure maximum coverage.

Pro-tip: warm up product on the back of your hand before painting directly onto the face, this will allow for an easier and more even blend with minimal effort.

Pro-tip: Always apply Face Base with a brush to ensure a streak-free application, specifically our face wand for the most even distribution of product. 

Pro-tip: Always blend blush up towards the temple to create a face-lift effect.

Pro-tip: a touch of blush sweeped under the eyes can help create cohesion rather than a stark contrast between concealer and blush, as well as help counteract any darkness.

A straight-forward look to create contoured skin without endless product layering!