How to navigate your makeup routine in Winter

Just because the weather's dull, doesn't mean your makeup has to be!

Our skin changes through the seasons and sometime's dealing with winter skin can be tricky. Here are some winter makeup tips to help you look stunning, sans sun.

  1. Hydrate your skin: Winter can be harsh on your skin, so make sure to keep it well-hydrated with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type before applying any makeup. First Base Primer is a great choice as ir provides extra hydration, and creates a smooth canvas for your makeup, preventing it from settling into dry patches.

  2. Luminous foundation: Choose a foundation with a dewy or satin finish to add a healthy glow to your skin and counteract the dullness that can come with cold weather. Face Base is renown for its glowing finish, and is the go-to choice all year around, but particularly when you're needing a skin pep up when it's feeling a bit flat. 

  3. Cream-based products: Incorporate cream blushes, bronzers, and highlighters into your makeup routine, as they blend seamlessly into the skin and give a natural, radiant appearance. They provide a dewier finish than a powder so if you're looking to amp up the glow, opt for our Mineral Bronze Stick, Peach Punch Mineral Stick & Ice Cream Highlight Stick. 

  4. Bold lips: If you're feeling uninspired in this weather, go for a bold lip that will elevate your mood & makeup. Embrace deep, rich lip colors like burgundy, plum, or dark red to add a pop of color to your winter makeup look. Our favourite picks are CEO Lipstick, Governer Lipstick for a Barbie vibe, or Gyspy for some depth and dimension. 

  5. Smudge-proof mascara: Winter weather is synonymous with rain and snow, so it's really important that you opt for smudge-proof mascara to prevent panda eyes. See: Power Lash Precision Mascara

  6. Warm-toned eyeshadows: Pay homage to the hotter months and warm into golden, bronzey, orangey tones on the eyes. Chocolate browns work a treat as well, to create a cozy and inviting eye look. We love: Mia's Palette, Peanut Butter Eye Dust & Scorched Brown Eyeliner

  7. Take care of your lips: As a Makeup Artist, the common theme in my winter makeup applications are dry chapped lips. Combat this by regularly exfoliating and moisturizing them. You can use our nourishing Lip Prep to hydrate, plump and exfoliate dead skin. Lip Prep can also be worn on its own as it has a lovely, subtle tinted peach colour. 

  8. Don't forget sunscreen: Even in winter, it's essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Opt for SPF products in your makeup (ie. Mineral Powder Foundation) or you can also layer sunscreen under your makeup.

Winter makeup is all about embracing a luminous and hydrated look while playing with rich, warm colors. Feel free to adjust these tips based on your personal style and preferences!

Stay warm & fabulous!