How to prevent your concealer from caking? - Written by Angelo


Creases! Crepey Under eyes! Some of us are in a never ending battle with them. A majority of women at some point just settle for them, but there are a few key tips we keep up our sleeves to keep our under eyes looking as fresh as possible. 



A majority of the time the reason our under eyes look dry with concealer is because the skin underneath the concealer is dry. The first step I can recommend for a flawless concealer application is starting with a bit of moisturiser. Stick to something that isn’t too heavy (e.g. Night Cream). Let it absorb before you apply your concealer & you’re good to go!


The second tip I have for smooth under eyes is applying your concealer with your fingers. This is a wide known industry method for applying cream & liquid products because our fingers have our body’s warmth. That causes the concealer to really melt and become one with this skin. Using a brush can give you a lot more coverage but in turn can look heavy and unnatural.


This step is where a lot of people go wrong. In a day and age of Baking (heavily setting the under eyes with powder), it’s easy to understand why we all think that packing on the powder under the eyes is going to solve all of our problems! In reality it’s the opposite. Under eyes with any texture at all need to be given a less is more approach. The more you put on, the more can sink into our lines and put more emphasis on the area we’re trying to enhance!

Less is more 

Use a minimal amount! Too much product actually enhances creasing. Avoid  taking the product out to the sides where fine lines are, and keep the application on the inner corners at the darkest point. There’s usually minimal discolouration on the outer corners anyway so avoid concealing that area.

There’s no greater time to give this a go than in lockdown. So get out your concealer and get practising!

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