A breakdown of Monique Conti's smokey glam at the W Awards

As Melbourne finally breaks free from what was a seemingly never-ending lockdown, we can finally hang up the hoodies and swap them out for all that dressy attire bought out of boredom about 3 lockdowns ago!

But not only do we have the pleasure of donning the better half of our wardrobe, it also means we can finally get our glam on too! Admittedly, throughout lockdown, I wore makeup only on a once-weekly basis (so as to not alarm my colleagues on zoom - ''no, I am not sick nor tired. I am simply without my Face Base Foundation''). However, now as venues open and a familiar buzzing vibe permeates the city, there is no better time to pull out the tools and sport that high-velocity glam! It dawned on me however that after so many months of not wearing makeup, some may have forgotten how to achieve a full face!  

So, without further ado, I am going to give you a run down of a quintessential smokey eye look and a glowy, full coverage base that you can wear this weekend! The beautiful AFLW Monique Conti, who attended the W Awards back in April let do this very look on her and if I recall correctly... Well, she loved it. 

A particularly important step for makeup longevity, creating an smooth, even surface for the skin and absorbing excess oil. A long night was on the cards for Monique as well as plenty of photographs, so we wanted to avoid shininess where possible.

2) CONCEAL - Pink Flesh

The nature of this concealer's peachy undertone means that any dark circles or bluey veins under or around the eye is instantly counteracted. You may wonder why you need to also conceal your lids when you'll just be going over the top of the lids with eyeshadow; the concealer actually works to help the shadows stay on, creates an even colour base, and also assists in elevating the pigments. 

3) BASE - Glow Pack 

The Glow Pack consists of 3 crucial base products - Face Wand, Face Base Foundation and our stellar Glow Palette. Using the dual Face Wand, I applied Face Base all over the face (Monique wears the shade E). This brush is in my opinion, essential for blending foundation. I know people still using paddle brushes to blend foundation and the result just doesn't compare. As you can see, Face Base leaves a beautiful, luminous finish. When I know I am doing a dramatic eye look, I always want to make sure I keep the base looking healthy, bouncy and fresh so we don't produce an overall look that is over-the-top or cakey-looking. 

Another Runway Room essential here is the Glow Palette which consists of a bronzer, blush and highlighter. This 100% mineral palette is responsible for the peachy glow you can see on Monique. What I love about this palette too is that it can be used on women of all ages - the pigments are not ''sparkly'' and in turn won't exacerbate any texture or fine lines.  

4) BROWS - Brow Dust 

Using a brow dust (Monique wears Dark) and angled brush, fill in any gappy areas of your brows. If you haven't seen your threader/waxer recently because of Covid, you needn't fret! Current brow trends are very forgiving of bushy brows; brush them up with a spooly (or set with a gel) for brows that look full, groomed and runway ready. 

5) EYES - Mineral Palette

We all have those cumbersome palettes that feature a zillion colours yet we only use 3-4 of the shades. Right? But the palettes in the Runway Room range feature 4 colours that are constructed and designed to work beautifully with one another. The best part is the pans are refillable, so that when you hit pan, you don't need to buy a completely new palette! 

There are also options to customise your very own palette!

To achieve this look, I used Gold Sands on the mobile lid, focusing on the inner third of the eye. I used Mia's Matte Brown through the crease as a transition shade (in my opinion, the most beautiful and versatile crease colour). Sweep back and forth in a windscreen wiper motion for the perfect blend. I then used Black Sands eyeshadow on the outer third of the eyelid to create that smokiness. Bringing that colour across the lower lash line as well creates depth, balance and a drama to the look.

6) LINER - Eye Definer 

A simple yet effective way to bring dimension, depth and added smokiness to a look is by using eyeliner. Tracing along the top lash line as well as the waterline is a quick and easy way to elevate your look. 

7) LASHES - Loquacious

In my opinion, lashes are essential for a smokey eye as it brings everything together. I have used Loquacious for this look, however there are other bands in the RR range which are a little more natural if that's your preference. Trim the band to fit the eye, apply the lash glue to the band (allowing to sit for a minute or two) and apply the lash enhancements directly onto the lash line. 

8) LIPS - Ballerina & Toffee Cream

With the focus on the eyes, I wanted to keep the lips quite understated and neutral, so we opted for the shade Ballerina, which has a nude-pink undertone. If you're not pink-inclined, Librarian would also work quite well for this look.

As a finishing touch to the lips, we used Toffee Cream lip gloss - a beautiful neutral shade - just to add a little bit of freshness to the look. 

And Voila! Your makeup-guide to a full glam that you can try this weekend!