A NOTE FROM OUR CEO + FOUNDER: How to succeed as a Make up artist

As a Make-up Artist, its important to be a step ahead of the rest as we work in a very competitive industry. It's also an Industry that is strongly dictated by seasons and weekends. Therefore we must endeavour to make as much income during peak times, as possible.
Here a few tips from Founder of Australia’s first Complete Make- bars, Alex Fevola.
Social Media is the most valuable marketing tool a make-up artist can have as its visual and the modern day word-of-mouth. Encourage your clients to post and tag you, offer incentives for them to do so. Only show you best, well lit and photographed work on social media. So many Artists will post pics of make-ups that look great in real life but haven't photographed well, DO NOT POST THESE no matter how good it looks in real life, if it hasn't translated in the picture due to bad lighting etc, then do not post it. Less is more, a few beautiful photos is better for your business then loads of average ones. Quality not quantity is key to a good-looking Website, Instagram or Facebook Page. Run competitions to engage new followers regularly to build your audience. Collaborate with other Industry professionals i.e.: Brands, Hair Dressers, other MUAs etc, this will also attract new followers and help build your profile. Be careful who you collaborate with, you don't want to collaborate with anyone who is not professional, competent or respected within the industry-  it will have an adverse effect on your business.
Offer your Clients More
Other than being good at your art and making clients look and feel amazing, professionalism, convenience and luxury are also an important part of your business. By stocking and selling products for your clients to purchase on the spot, you are offering a more professional and convenient service. When going to a function or event, clients want to purchase the products you've used then and there, ie: Lip products, powders, lashes etc. When given the name of the product/shade used and told to go to department store to buy, its not convenient particularly when they have somewhere to be! Being able to offer the products on the spot is not only super convenient but more profitable for you. If you have introduced the client to the product, then you should benefit from the sale. Same amount of time / work but more income for you and more convenient and luxurious for the client. Stocking and selling a Professional and Premium Australian Made Brand also helps to give your business a more prestigious and professional edge. Runway Room is not only Australian Made and Owned but not Tested on Animals and offers an extensive Mineral Range for those who prefer to steer clear of nasties. Runway Room also offers a bigger professional discount than any other brand. At 40% off, you can make a significant passive income from product sales on the side.
Make-up education for your clients is another service you can offer to help grow your income, particularly in quiet times. So many clients would love to know how to apply make-up on themselves but don't know where to start. You can offer basic lessons on how to apply a professional base, simple day look, what tools and products to use etc. This is a super popular service and a great way to sell products to your clients. Group Workshops are a great way to start and can be really profitable for your business. Promote this to your clients and within your network, you'll be surprised at how many people would love to learn the basics. Its also a great way of gaining new clients as your often reaching new networks.
Reliability + Punctuality
Running a professional business is most important to keep growing your client base. It is vitally important in this Industry that you are reliable, punctual and competent. Offering trials and recording everything thoroughly is super important, as is being on time and organised. Arriving early to set up, having a clean and organised kit, having all products available for purchase, having photos and a brief to follow are all part of the job. Be prepared and always arrive with plenty of time to spare.
Personal Presentation
Your personal presentation and hygiene is a major part of your marketing. A clients first impression of you will be made by your appearance. You want your clients to feel inspired by your look. Always arrive looking your best.
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