Buy 1 X Face Base Foundation


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Our FACE BASE foundation is the key to that flawless, natural-looking glow. Unlike other foundations, its lightweight finish feels like a second-skin- if you DO need that extra coverage, Face Base is just as stunning built-up and won't leave you looking OTT. 

It's long-lasting formula will ensure you are covered from the AM to PM, and is suitable for all skin types & ages. 

Let your skin to breathe better this summer.

Our large Pressed Powders are not only going to leave you fighting off compliments all day, but they're actually good for your skin! In fact, all of the powders in our range are 100% Mineral.

We love reminding you of this because there are so many products out there that have all sorts of nasties hiding inside, and we really want you to care about what you put on your skin. This means you can wear our powders on your skin all summer long (alone or on top of foundation), and you won't clog any pores at all.

Our large Pressed Powder options will leave you spoilt for choice: whether your mood is bronzed babe or peachy & au naturale, we've got you.