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After years of enduring torture and over-plucking, brows and their maintenance procedures are having their special (well-deserved) moment in the industry! Their biological purpose was to prevent water, debris and sweat from making their way into our eye sockets, and now that we’ve adapted from those slightly primitive characteristics, we get to play around with them; tint them, shape them, tattoo them - they’re essentially the beauty obsession of the decade!


We’ve all had a sister, mum or one of our girlfriend’s leave a brow bar far from impressed (although you can’t be too sure what her emotions are because each of her brows are telling you two different things!). Fear not; when you’ve accidentally become tweezer-happy, or things are just way out of balance after leaving the salon, you can always rely on a beautiful brow powder to get things under control again.

Brow powders are perfect for correcting brows that have slowly sculpted into the wrong shape or size. When styled incorrectly, brows can really throw off the balance of the entire face and look asymmetrical. We know brows aren’t meant to be twins, but they’re not meant to be your distant 3rd cousin that lives in Peru, either.


Runway Room’s Brow Maintenance Kit has everything you need to lengthen, deepen and define your brows. We’ve also made sure that this mineral triple milled dust contains resin, so that the product can stick nicely to your brows without fall-out, all while resisting sweat and water (as resin is insoluble to water).

Everybody’s eyebrow game is very personal- we know some love to go a-la-Cara Delivigne with that natural, thick feathered look while others love a more sculpted look with a flawless, clean arch.  Whether your glam level is ‘off to the supermarket’ or ‘hitting the town with the clique’, we have you covered (and looking all symmetrical and groomed and cute). Thank us later!

 Available in shades:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark


Brow spooly

This magical little product, in my opinion, is the most underrated product when it comes to achieving flawless brows. Run the spooly upwards and outwards before you begin applying the brow product, and once again at the very end. This will run any excess powder off your brows, blend the hairs nicely together and groom them to look more natural and feathered.


Clean up any stray hairs that are outside the desired area with our Runway Room tweezers. Designed with a pointed tip, our tweezers allow for easier locating and lifting of individual unwanted hairs.

Angled brow brush

This type of brush can be found in majority of makeup brush sets on the market, and is absolutely perfect to apply brow products. Its slanted tip allows for you to control where your product goes, and its thin composition helps to draw a clean line to define your brows.

Brow powder

The initial dip into your brow powder is usually when you pick up a large amount of product, so you want to be cautious about where you start defining your brows. In my experience, having a heavy amount of product on the inner corner of the brows is never extremely flattering. Hairs are naturally more sparse on the inner corner, so heaviness here can really draw attention towards the centre of your face.

Alternatively, make sure you first apply the product towards the middle to outer end of the brow. With that same amount of product, you can start neatly defining where you want your arch to be, and continue defining the end of the brow.

With the remaining product that is still on your brush, start defining the inner corner of the brow. Achieve a more natural look by drawing a clean line on the bottom of your inner-brow only, and then running the product up. This will give a natural effect and avoid ‘blocky’ looking brows.

Finish up by brushing with the spooly for beautifully groomed brows!





PRO TIP: The golden formula for where to start, arch and end your brow is demonstrated in the image (left). Align the inner brow directly above the side of your nose. The arch of your brow would naturally form diagonally from the same location, running through the centre of your eye. The end of your eyebrow will usually fall, again diagonally from the side of your nose, but running past the outer corner of your eye. You don’t necessarily need to reach for your 30cm ruler everyday to nail this technique, however it is a great indicator if you’re not too sure how to go about shaping your brows if you naturally don’t have full brows as a starting point.