Eyes may be the window to the soul, but your lip colour of choice exudes your mood; and at Runway Room, we have colours for every character. Whether you love sporting a matte-finish lip or you’re more of a high-gloss glamour, pucker up and kiss average-looking lips goodbye!

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 Matte Lip Coral. We love it with our Toffee Cream Lip Gloss!














A cute, vibrant colour synonymous with spring and warmer weather; what’s not to love about a Coral Matte Lip!  

How to make your eyes pop with coral lips:


This look is perfectly paired with a winged liner for added glam. Because coral is quite a fresh, spring/summer-friendly colour, swapping out your dark kohl eyeliner for a white eyeliner on the waterline looks absolutely gorgeous. Add a pair of lashes and voilà... you’re Spring Racing Carnival ready! 

This lip colour particularly looks stunning on hazel eyes. 





 Matte Lip Burgundy. We love it with our Fairy Lights Lip Gloss!

Want a bold colour pop but don’t want to look super OTT? Let us introduce you to your new best friend: Burgundy Matte Lip. We’ve all had those days of wanting high-velocity glam but not wanting to commit to an ultra-dark lip

How to make your eyes pop with light burgundy lips:


A colour like our burgundy is so versatile because you can either rock it as the main feature, and pair it with a super natural eye look- some mascara and a light, neutral eyeshadow would look beautiful (such as our Vegas Sunset bronzer throughout the crease). This look won’t compromise your glam at all because you’re letting your lips do all the talking!

On another note, if you feel like amping it up a notch, we are right behind you in full support! Apply a warm toned colour throughout the crease of your eye (bronzers and blushes work perfectly here), and smoke out with a dark eye shadow of your choice. Add some shimmer in the centre of the mobile lid for a gorgeous and trendy ‘halo’ effect. Our high pigment ‘Truffle’ eyeshadow is the perfect colour in our range for this type of look. Finish with a set of lashes and you will be sure to turn heads all night! 

Good news for you brown-eyed beauties, burgundy lips particularly compliment your eye colour!




Matte Lip Pink. We love it with our Pretty in Pink Lip Gloss!

A must-have colour in every makeup-lover’s reach. Pink! It’s fun, feminine and a little bit flirty. It is such an iconic and timeless shade to rock- we’ve seen the likes of Sofia Loren and Selena Gomez alike sporting it, which makes us confident that this colour isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! It is also just so convenient because it works with your 9-5 look just as well as it does your date night.

How to make your eyes pop with pink lips: 

Even without makeup, pink lips naturally denote healthiness and hydration. Pink lip makeup simply works to enhance that natural lip colour as it is, which is why you can get away with rocking it alone, just as Kennedy is (see image).

Perfect for those warm summer days, applying our Matte Lip Pink and Pretty in Pink on top of a light base with some mascara will leave you feeling fresh and au naturale.

Our gorgeous shades of pink in our Matte Lip and Gloss combined bring out the most wonderful hues in blue and green eyes.


Matte Lip Nude. We love it with our Gold Rush Lip Gloss!

While everybody loves a bold lip, nude lips will just never go out of style! Sometimes we need to let the lips lay on the down-low, sitting in neutral, and let the eyes take over. Adding a high shimmer gloss over a nude lip will make your lips look stunningly plump- and will help to avoid your overall glam looking flat and a little bit two-dimensional.


How to make your eyes pop with Nude lips:




Putting a neutral toned colour on the lips draws attention away from that lower area, and gives your admirers somewhere else to look. It is a perfect excuse to whip up a daring, smokey eye without your overall glam looking over-the-top because there aren’t too many focal points. Runway Room’s eyeshadows Coal & Soot work beautifully to add that smokey darkness and dimension that every smokey eye craves. Blend through a bronze shade (Vegas Sunset works its magic once again here) through your crease which will set the boundary point for your darkest shades. Sweep some of that same dark shade along your lower lash line along with some Black Eye Definer to really make your eyes the star of the show. A full-glam set of lashes, such as our ‘Locquacious’ set, will really add that finishing touch. This look exemplifies how you don’t necessarily need to have the brightest and boldest of colours to create drama!

Nude lips are flattering for every eye colour! *pops champagne*

Extra tips for lush lips 24/7:

  • H2o everywhere you go. Dry lips are usually the first indicator of dehydration. Keep a water bottle at arms reach and sip regularly for plump, hydrated lips.
  • Exfoliate that kisser. Exfoliating your body has become a no-brainer in our beauty routine, but our lips are often neglected. Simply rub the bristles of your toothbrush on your lips to keep the dry, cracked skin at bay.
  • Runway Room LIP PREP.  Filled with natural peppermint and other beneficial plumping ingredients, our Lip Prep is designed to combat dryness and keep your lips in prime condition. Lip Prep is one of our best-sellers, and for good reason. Get your hands on this and thank us later!