Is your skin feeling extra dull during Winter?

During the Winter months, our skin can feel extra dry, dull and lack lustre. The lack of humiidity in the air along woth harsh cold winds can leave our skin feeling dry, cracked and irritated. Dont worry because Runway Room has you covered. Heres some tips to keep you glowing all Winter long!

  • Hydration from the inside is so important sometimes we don't drink as much water in the colder months as we are more drawn to hot chocolates and coffees to warm us up. So make sure you drinking enough water throughout the day, a tip we recommend is drinking your water warm with a slice of lemon. This will give you the cosy feels but still be hydrating and cleansing.
  • Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise! Your sjin cant get enough moisture during the colder months so make sure youre moisturising morning and night. We recommend our FIRST BASE as it has a huge 2% Hyaluronic Acid which will give your skin an instant moisture deposit. It also contains Kakadu Plum for improving texture and brightening. White Sapphire and Pearl Essence for instant radiance and glow. It is a highly recommended product for everyday wear during Winter. It also has a 5 Star rating and is a Global Award Winner!
  • Masks are a lifesaver when your skin is extra dry. Wether its a sheet mask with soothing and hydrating ingredients or a overnight balm, nightime masks are highly recommended.
  • Skin Drenching is another technique used to cmbat extra dry skin. Skin drenching really just means layering of super hydrating serums and creams, again we recommend you do this at night time so it has time to absorb into your skin.
  • Wear Make-up that is hydrating and glowy rather than heavy matte coverage. This will be more flattering and allow your skin to breath. We recommend Face Base Luminous Foundation as its super hydrating, weightless and a very mild formula so low irritant for your sensitive dry skin. 
  • Using Creams over powders is another technique for dry and dull skin. The Creams are more flattering and our Mineral Creams contain Vit E and Jojoba Oil for extra nourishing benefits. Try our Mineral Glow Sticks for a creamy application and instant glow to your skin.
  • Use gentle bruishes for application as stiff, prickly bristles can be irritating to sensitive, dry skin. We recommend our super soft and luxurious Face Wand for Foundation and the Cream Products.

Don't forget Self Care this Winter and prioritise your skin! Remember to choose Brand that dont use PFAs and of course don't test on Animals!!!