Make up for over 40

Make-up for over 40s

As we enter new seasons of our life, our skin changes. What are some of the common changes we see as we age?

Redness, broken capillaries, age spots and pigmentation, enlarged pores, dryness and dullness.

How to nurture your skin as it changes.. Finding a good skin care routine is the first step. What worked for you in your 20s probably wont be the most suitable now. One of the most important things to consider is hydration both internal and external. Drinking enough water to hydrate and flush out toxins and applying a super hydrating product. The single most important ingredient for hydration is Hyaluronic Acid. So what does Hyaluronic Acid do for your skin?

Hyaluronic Acid can help increase the moisture content in your skin, which can have various benefits including reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving wound healing. It also helps your skin retain moisture for longer and studies suggest it can help with soft tissue growth, prompts your body to make more collagen and elastin. This prevents tightness, boosts skin's elasticity and reduces scarring.

Another important factor in your skincare routine when aging is exfoliation. Removing those dead and dry skin cells is super important for a flawless make up application. Finding a good exfoliating cleanser is paramount. 

Skin Prep before make up application is another vital step to success! Our Founder Alex Fevola, worked with her Manufacturers to develop the most incredible skin prep. First Base Hydrating Primer will not only moisturise your skin but it plumps, smooths and leaves a radiant glow to the appearance of the skin. It betters your skin with every wear but will give you results instantly from the very first application. It contains 2% Hyaluronic Acid, Kakadu Plum (Vit C) Rosehip Oil, White Sapphire and Pearl Essence making this Primer then perfect skin prep for before your make up application. You can use this in place of your regular moistruiser as thiis product wont compromise your foundation. Theres no greasy or sticky residue, it dries down to leave your skin with a satin finish ready for your foundation. This product really is a GAME CHANGER especially for mature skin.

Now that your skin is under control, its time to take a look at the Foundation you're using. What we want to avoid is heavy coverage, thick foundation. What is most flattering on skin over 40 is generally a weightless and luminous foundation. Runway Room's Face Base Foundation is rated a straight 5 stars and is our best selling product. It gives a smooth and flawless coverage but leaves the skin glowing and looking skin like and natural. As our skin ages, we no longer want to 'cover' we want to enhance and flatter. We want to also 'feel' good in our products. No one wants heavy and tight coverage so start with trying a more lightweight foundation with glow, like Face Base. Head to to read the reviews on this hero product.

Fresh looking skin... The biggest mistake i See as a Make up Artist is people applying foundation and powder but no blush or bronzer. Applying a fresh and glowy blush and bronzer will elevate your entire look. It brings life to the skin, making you look healthy, youthful and vibrant. Getting rid of that 'dull' appearance is all about replacing that natural flush to the skin. We recommend Runway Room's Peach Punch Mineral Cream Blush paired with the Ice Cream Highlight stick over upper cheek bones and softly blended into apples *(keeping application high) for an illuminated peachy glow. Add a warm dusting of Summer Kiss Bronzer over forehead, cheek contours and under jaw, into neck for an overall sunkissed glow. This combination of products will have strangers complimenting your SKIN not your make up your SKIN!! You will not only look amazing but you will feel great in these weightless and non congesting products. Head to or our Instagram page for some inspo and tutorials @runwayroom