Mature Makeup Guide by Alex Fevola

One of the most common mistakes we make with our Beauty routine as we get older, is hanging on to old habits! What worked for us in our 20s usually works against us in our 40s and beyond. Reaching for the full coverage, matte foundation then smearing a shimmery highlight over the top is a recipe for ‘cake face’.

As our skin ages, shimmers and highlighters will accentuate fine lines and textured skin, if you want to avoid this, then stick with hydrating Illuminators rather than highlighters. It’s also really important to find a foundation that hydrates and plumps the skin. Less is definitely more when it comes to skin.

Avoid layering of products, you don’t need concealer, corrector, eye brightener, contour and highlighter. If you want to restore that youthful glow, go for a hydrating primer that drys down well and doesn’t leave your skin greasy. Then if needed, an under eye corrector, just for those very inner corners (not to be applied across the whole under eye, this will create ‘creasing’) just the inner corners, then apply a weightless and luminous foundation that will give you a lovely coverage and glow, without the cake! Finish off with a cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, gently blended towards the upper cheek bones to create ‘lift’. Do not apply blush too low, this will drag your face down.

For a warm sun kissed glow, apply a light dusting of bronzer across forehead, temples, contour of cheeks and jaw line. It really is super easy to achieve a glowing complexion, even as you age, it’s all about selecting the right products and going for that radiant and Glowy finish. Don’t over think it, keep it simple and remember less is sometimes more!