Tips & Tricks for a long-lasting Christmas Glam

The all important Christmas family photo that never turns out the way you want it to? You hate not being in control when it comes to taking a selfie with friends?
Oh! I know... you hate being on the end in a group shot?

Time to get one thing straight...Let's get your makeup prepped & set properly so your face will be glowing all through the Christmas festivities! 

Skin Prep - this is paramount! Your makeup will only look as good as your skin. If your skin is not smooth or well hydrated to begin with, your skin will drink any moisture that comes from your makeup. This can leave the skin looking flakey, patchy & will look like a hot mess a few hours later. Try using serum & moisturiser daily to help with long term benefits & results. For that instant light switch for your face, apply Runway Room's First Base Hydrating Primer which has all the benefits of skincare + primer! This will turn your skin right on, thanks to the 2% Hyaluronic Acid leaving skin feeling super hydrated, Kakadu plum having the richest source of Vit C & White Sapphire for silky skin with a pearly glow.

Products to suit the occasion - this is super important & something most people don't even consider or forget! At the end of the day it is one's overall personal preference, style & mood which will ultimately decide how they do their makeup... But for those who don't know where to start, perhaps think about the following;
Is it a lunch/day event? Think natural bright lighting, a softer natural finish with a pop of colour works best. Try out Runway Room's signature Glow Base for a quick and easy look that only requires a few key products to create your entire look.

Is it an evening event? Think soft dimmed lighting therefore, makeup can get lost. This is where you can afford to pump up your colour intensity on your cheeks, eyes & lips so it's visible in a low lit setting. Try using Runway Room's Scorched Brown Eye Liner to create a little drama around the eyes & fuse it out with your fave eye shadow. Don't forget to apply a generous coat of mascara so your lashes don't get lost!

Or is it an ALL day thing? For this, you'll want to get your powder out, this will ensure your makeup is set & will prevent it from moving or rubbing off ensuring your base is flawless all day! Try using Runway Rooms Skin veil Or Setting powder to set your makeup without altering the overall colour of your makeup.
If you're someone like me who gets a little warm or flushed after a drink, bring Mineral Loose Powder to touch up with. This will reset your face adding a little coverage & will smooth out texture - It's like having your own personal filter in your bag... you gotta love that!
When touching up, it's so important to pat your powder on your face. This will assist in absorbing any shine or oil, but most importantly will avoid moving any makeup you already have on to prevent it from looking cakey at the end of the night.

One last thing...Don't forget to take your makeup off - YES I KNOW there will be some late nights & some bevvies... but just get it off! 
Remember, your makeup will only look as good as your skin... So do yourself a favour, keep some makeup wipes in your bedside table just in case.