The Natural Makeup Look: Our Guide to a Flawless Natural Glow

Did you wake up like that?

No! But I can show you how it’s done. The natural makeup look requires a bit of effort, but the results will make everyone think that you’ve done nothing. And that’s a good thing. This type of look brings out your natural beauty; accentuating the best parts of you while using a minimal amount of product in the process.

Wanna know how to get the glow? Apply these following tips the next time you’re in front of the mirror.

1. Go Light on Coverage

mia fevola natural makeup

When starting the look, we recommend avoiding matte foundations. Although they can work in some situations, if not applied correctly, the end result will appear cakey and less glowy.

Instead, opt for a luminous foundation. These types of foundations will hydrate your skin better and over a longer period of time. 

When applying, don’t overdo it. Remember: we are going for a look that is uniquely you. We’re only using makeup to elevate your natural beauty, not mask it.

For a luminous foundation, we recommend our Face Base Foundation. It’s packed with rosehip oil; a natural anti-inflammatory and collagen booster to perk up your skin. Perfect for all skin tones.

2. Stay Subtle With Concealer

As with foundation, just a little is enough. We can be very judgemental of ourselves in the mirror. Most people we interact with on a daily basis won’t even pick up on the imperfections we zoom in on through our handheld mirrors. 

Use concealer to lighten up and colour correct under your eyes and remove any immediately noticeable blemishes. Less is more: we don’t want the product to settle into any fine lines. And if you want the look to feel more natural, avoid brushes altogether and use your fingers for application. The warmth of your fingers will melt the product beautifully on your skin. Also, avoid taking the product too low or too wide, keep it localised to the inner corners only.

For best results, we recommend our Mineral Cream Concealer. Shea butter and plant-based waxes assist with blending the formula into your skin, creating a reflective coverage that doesn’t cake around fine lines. We also recommend applying before your foundation.

3. Blush is Your Best Friend

At first, you’re probably wondering, why blush? Aren’t we trying to go for a more subtle makeup look? 

If used in moderation, blushes like Peach Punch Mineral Cream or Pressed Powder can give your look a subtle pop. It's also important to replace the colour in your face after applying foundation, for a youthful and healthy glow. Apply from the apples of the cheeks and work your way upwards. 

For a more dewy finish, use the mineral cream stick. For something richer, we suggest applying the pressed powder. If you’re feeling fearless, a little blush on the bridge of your nose will give you that sun-kissed look.

4. Embrace Your Brow

Bushy or thin, angled or rounded—or however your brows naturally look—it’s all trending right now. Embracing the beautiful shape and texture of your brows will only make your natural look pop with even more realism. Using as minimal product as possible here is essential to completing the look. So we opt for dusts.

Dusts are great since they cling to your brow hairs; allowing your brows to look less perfect, less drawn on. The dust also settles into gaps easily, making your brows appear fuller and less sparse. Brush the hairs up using a spooly to evenly distribute the dust giving you a bit of control over this perfectly imperfect look. We go for this triple-milled Mineral Brow Dust for a clean and simple application. Apply dry to get a more natural effect.

5. Open up Your Eyes With Mascara

Open up Your Eyes With Mascara

As you’re probably realising now, a little goes a long way with a natural makeup look. Give your eyes a bit of pop with mascara. One or two coats is just enough and will go a long way to completing the entire look. 

Although it’s a small step, we believe mascara is essential for a natural makeup look. Apply just enough so that it’s a light touch. Heavier lashes can ruin the effect.

6. Finish it Off With Highlighting

mia fevola natural makeup

And last, we highlight. Highlighting various facial features will capture you in the best light. The reflective effect of this type of makeup will literally make you glow throughout the day. 

Our pro tip: go for the inner corners of eyes, brow bones and cheekbones. Avoid using a sparkly highlighter as this will enhance textured skin and take away from the ‘natural’ finish. Use a cream highlighter with a pearly finish for a really subtle and natural-looking finish. 

ICE CREAM Highlighting Stick works perfectly for a no-makeup look, with a cream consistency and pearly finish.

Achieve The Natural Makeup Look

And that’s it! 6 easy steps, that when applied correctly, will enhance your natural beauty and highlight your features whilst looking natural and effortlessly polished. Check out our blog and tutorials for more tips from MUA professionals and master your runway look today.

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