Need help for Halloween? We got you!

It is that spooky crazy time of year again! And whilst Halloween will again look very different to us all this year, it doesn't mean that you can't create some simple Halloween looks that even little Casper the ghost would be impressed with!

If you are like me, buying Face Paints to create looks this year has not been a priority! But you don’t need face paints to create a Halloween Masterpiece! You can use makeup! Yes that’s right, makeup. Be creative, look at what you have and think of how you can use that in place of paint, and what perhaps you don’t have?? Well that there is  a great excuse to purchase something for the kids of course ( but also can add to your makeup collection) it is a win win for everyone!

Here I created a Day of the Dead look on Mia all with Runway Room Cosmetics, let me take you through the products. 

I started with a light foundation base using our Liquid Luminous Foundation. This gives a good surface for building the colours around the eyes.

Now comes the exciting part!

Let’s start with the eyes! Here I pressed Feminist Lipstick onto the mobile lid up to the crease of the eye! To set the lipstick and to also give a more intense pop of colour I pressed in Vino Mineral Loose Eye Dust. This is such a versatile product, you can use it dry or wet, which I used both ways. You want this colour on the eyelid to be opaque, you don't want to be able to see any skin.

Now for the intense black, I created this using our Black Sands Mineral Loose Eye Dust BUT I used this wet - I would normally use black face paint and I can tell you after using the Eye Dust I will never ever go back to face paint. This is a 100% mineral product which means it is gentle on the skin, and it is easy to wipe off as well, no more rubbing and rubbing at the skin for removal, which can and does leave the skin irritated not to mention half the time you actually cannot remove the entire amount and we walk around looking like we have done a round with Freddy Kruger! So, to use this I popped some of the Loose Dust into a dish and added a tiny bit of water, small amounts at a time, to create a thick paste!  Voila! you have a safe and irritant free black face paint. I then drew the outlines of where I needed the black to be with a thin lipstick brush and filled it in using a flat eyeshadow brush, and blending it out where I needed to create shading.

Again, using Feminist Lipstick and a fine lipstick brush I created the pink patterning around the eyes, forehead and chin and finished it off using our white eye liner, this is a beautiful waxy finish so it’s really easy to work with and create beautiful lines. 

To create that pale, drawn look I patted a good amount of Skin Veil onto the skin especially around the jaw and the mouth, finish it off with CEO and Feminist mixed together for a punch of colour on the lips and with my Black Sands Mineral Dust paste created the stitching lines over the lips!  And there we have it my ghostly friends, a simple and effective way to use makeup in place of face paints. Mild on the skin and so easy to remove. Trust me you will never go back to the paint again! Happy Halloween!

Key Products

Liquid Luminous Foundation

Feminist and CEO Lipstick

Vino and Black Sand Mineral Loose Eye Dust

White Eye Definer

Skin Veil