PRO TIP! Blush Draping

Monthly pro tip - Blush draping!

The blush draping technique is essentially contouring with blush, that creates defined cheekbones and adds a burst of fresh colour to enhance the shape of your face. This can be done with a combination of cream and powders to create this dimension.

Peach Punch blush is a warm, peachy shade that can be used as a base to add warmth and dimension to the cheeks. Pink Frost blush, on the other hand, is a cool-toned, shimmery baby pink shade that can be used to add a pop of highlight to the highest points of the cheeks.

To achieve blush draping with these two shades, start by applying Peach Punch to the top of your cheekbones, blending upwards and back towards the temples. This will add warmth and definition to your face. Next, apply Pink Frost to the apples of your cheeks and highest point of your cheekbone, blending backwards into the Peach Punch. This will give your cheeks a glowy, highlighted effect. Overall, using two complementary shades of blush can help create a more dimensional and glowing look to your cheeks.