PROTIP - PRIME TIME! Dual Primer Technique


Do you have combination skin? Some areas more dry and others more oily?

This can be a result of varying different reasons such as environmental/seasonal, stress or hormones.

Typically, combo skin includes excess oil produced in the T-zone, and the cheeks often feeling more dry or normal. 

Using different skincare to cater for the differences in your skin type in these areas, it can help the makeup sit more flawlessly on the skin as well as promote longevity of your base. A dual priming technique is best suited for combination skin for those who want to control oil without losing the glow in the right areas.
The red areas are commonly known as the T-zone, where you typically would want to control excess oil by using a Mattifying Primer.
MATTIFYING PRIMER: The T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is where oil tends to accumulate and make the skin shiny. The mattifying primer applied in these areas helps to contain and absorb excess oil, reducing shine and promote longevity.
The blue areas is typically more dry and where we would like more hydration on the face by using our First Base Primer.
FIRST BASE: Where skincare meets make-up, a multi purpose product that is jam packed full of hero ingredients such as a HUGE 2% Hyaluronic Acid, Kakadu Plum, Pomegranate and White Sapphire. Apply First Base in blue areas as shown on diagram (under eyes, cheeks and neck) for ultra hydration and glow.
Catering for your skin by using appropriate products in the right areas can help makeup look seamless on the skin, as well as last longer periods of time without inconsistencies in different areas.