PSA - National Lipstick Day! - Written by Angelo

Seeing as we have National Lipstick Day coming up, we thought it would be a great idea to share some tricks and tidbits on a product almost all of us carry around everyday. 

Lipstick is a staple product in a lot of our routines but there are tons of people out there that get intimidated by the all the choice that they have. Our lipstick formula is a great all rounder that nourishes the lips while having great staying power.  We’ve fine tuned our range into two categories, Bold & Neutral, which simplifies choosing what kind of colour you want. All you have to do is pick either bold or neutral and then pick a tone that compliments the rest of your look. 

It doesn’t just stop there with lipstick though. With the whole monochromatic trend in mind, a great way to create a modern look with your makeup is to use your lipsticks in more than just one way. 

The most widely known way of implementing this is by using your lipstick as a cream blush. I wouldn’t go straight onto the cheek from the bullet, I’d work some into the back of my hand and then use a sponge or brush (or even fingers!). If you’re a bit more daring you can use that colour on your eyes too and top it with some shadows similar in tone. 

Now it’s all good and fun to play around with colour but a pretty common issue a lot of us share is bleeding (lipstick escaping outline of the lips) . My quick fix for this issue is our Lip Definer. It’s a translucent, wax based retractable lip pencil that you can use with ANY lip colour. It creates a barrier for your lip colours. If you’re also wanting a matte finish an easy trick to transform the texture of any lippie is to grab a tissue, press it on your lips and the press some powder into the tissue. It’s a red carpet trick to make any Punchy colour stay vibrant all night. 

I hope some of these tricks can help you all day to day. We are running free consultations at the moment. So if you would like to see any of the products in action, contact us at