Hygiene tips as a Makeup Artist - Written by Angelo

Covid has really taken Victoria by storm. It’s so important for us to be taking every measure we can to stop the spread so we’d like to do our part by giving you some important industry hygiene tips to keep you safe from Covid through a Makeup Application.

The absolute most important place to start is washing your hands thoroughly in between every single client. It’s good to also sanitise your hands in front of your client before starting any application as it really seals the deal on having clean hands and gives your client a piece of mind knowing that you’ve taken the proper precautions.

Another piece of knowledge that is important to have is knowing what causes bacteria to spread. Moisture and warmer temperatures. You should never double dip into a cream product. A way to avoid this is always using a metal palette and a spatula when using cream products as this is where bacteria will grow and fester.

It’s also a good idea to have some Isopropyl alcohol on hand in a spray bottle on hand. This is also a really good time to give all of your makeup brushes a really good deep clean and condition. I mentioned this in an earlier blog, but using a bar of Sards Wonder Soap to clean brushes is the most efficient and cost effective way to clean brushes. It has a little bit of bleach in it so it really disinfects and makes the brushes look brand new.

Social distance, keep your masks on and sanitise. The harder we work at this, the quicker it becomes history!
Stay safe,
Runway Room