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Our Mineral makeup range is popular with those for sensitive skin or even post-treatment, and can provide a natural, breathable coverage. Our mineral makeup is known for its lightweight feel, long-lasting wear, and ability to provide a radiant, glowing finish. Our entire range is 100% Australian Made and cruelty-free. 

Our cruelty-free and naturally-derived blends have been delicately formulated to give your skin that lasting smooth tone and radiating glow, without ever compromising on seamless coverage. 

Our talented artists often report that our customers at Runway Room Armadale and Sorrento come directly to us expressing their desire for Mineral makeup, so here are some reasons we have found interest around our mineral range...

1. Sensitive skin: Mineral makeup is often recommended for individuals with sensitive skin as it is formulated without common irritants like fragrances, preservatives, and synthetic dyes. The natural ingredients in mineral makeup are believed to be less likely to cause skin irritation or breakouts.

2. Breathable coverage: Mineral makeup is known for its lightweight texture and ability to provide breathable coverage. Many customers find traditional liquid foundations or heavy powders to be too heavy and pore-clogging. Mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe, reducing the risk of clogged pores and breakouts.
3. Versatility: Our range can be used for various purposes with many of our products being multipurpose, we provide dual ended, vegan brushes to save space in your makeup bag as well as saving money on vast amounts of different brushes, our powders such as BROSH, bronzers, blush and highlighters are all used by our artists and customers on the face and eyes in order to create a cohesive, uncomplicated look. This allows for versatility in our range for customers who prefer multi-purpose products and creating different looks with ease. 
Some of our best selling Mineral Makeup include:
- Pink Flesh Concealer 
A finalist in the Clean + Conscious Awards, this creamy mineral formula with a peachy hue and satin finish will create reflective coverage with shea butter to condition the skin, whilst natural plant based waxes assist with blending ability for a smooth application. Best applied under the eye to brighten the area & on eyelids to neutralise the appearance of veins or redness & acts as an eyeshadow primer.
- Mineral Stick Foundation
This 100% mineral foundation was a finalist in the Clean + conscious Awards. It provides full coverage without congesting the skin. Its butter-like texture allows minimal to maximum coverage without looking dry & cakey. 
- Mineral Powder Foundation 
Create a flawless, glowing finish with this Mineral Powder Foundation. Its super power is its triple milled formulation which works as a blurring agent for super smooth skin. This powder will set and cover without leaving your skin dry and flakey, can be used on its own or on top of foundation to set and add extra coverage. Perfect for all skin types and has an added bonus of SPF 15 to protect you from the sun.
This Mineral Pressed Powder will give you an instant glow up. Infused with Vitamin E for a smooth application, it is perfect for blending tan from face to body. May be applied to clean skin or over the top of foundation, used to bronze up the complexion, for contour, or eyeshadow.
- Glow Sticks
Get that effortless glow with our Mineral Glow Sticks- the creamy formulation ensures seamless blend-ability, making it the perfect hack for instant sun-kissed, glowing skin. Glow Stick Pack contains Bronze Stick, Peach Punch Cream Blush and Ice-cream Highlighter Stick.
- Glow palette
The Runway Glow palette is another finalist in the Clean + Conscious Awards, featured in Vogue Australia and one of our consistent best sellers! This trio palette will bronze, blush & highlight your entire face. A versatile product with multi purpose use as it can be used on eyes also. With our top sellers in one handy slimline palette this travel friendly product is all you need & our secret to gorgeous glowing skin. 
- Eyeshadow palettes

Runway Rooms Mineral Eye Palettes are 100% mineral, ideal even for the most sensitive skin type. Available in 6 gorgeous combinations. Our pressed formula eliminates fall out! With 4 complimentary shades designed to wear individually or all together, and interchangeable pans for sustainability.

- Brow powders

Our Brow Powder allows for a clean & easy application to fill, shape and define used with a precise angled brush, whilst natural minerals allow further longevity for brows that WOW all day. Shades available in light, medium & dark. 

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