STEP BY STEP: How to get those Prize Eyes. The EASIEST Pro Makeup for Beauty Beginners

Hitting the town tonight and want your makeup to look like you’ve just stepped out of our Runway Room salon? A lot of our clients know how to ace their base, but admit to going shy around the eyes. RR HQ Makeup Artist, Enrica, explains how to make your struggle your strength, and will help you achieve that selfie-ready look that will make heads turn.

The best part? You don’t need to fork out for this look by purchasing a large, overwhelming palette… we use just two of Runway Room’s eye products to make those eyes pop: Dreamtime Eyeshadow & Sunset Eye Dust.





  • The first step for any good makeup application is to prime. Apply Runway Room’s Primer all over the face, buffing in circular motions. This is the perfect product to reduce shine & oiliness, increase makeup longevity and create that barrier between your skin and the makeup for a flawless, even application.

  • Starting off with a light base, apply Runway Room’s Face Base all over the face. 1 or 2 pumps will be sufficient for this light layer because we will return to this area for perfection later on. Face base has that weightless feel and a dewy finish, complimenting all age varieties and skin types.

  • With the third shade of Runway Room’s Conceal & Illuminate Palette, Pink Flesh, apply a light layer over the eyelids, pushing in the product with a flat paddle brush. This is an excellent way to prime the eyes for eyeshadows and dusts because it will stick nicely to the moisture, and will ensure to even out any pigmentation that would otherwise shine through. 

  • Pack Runway Room’s Dreamtime eyeshadow onto a flat eyeshadow brush- keep in mind, the more eyeshadow you pick up, the stronger the pigment will translate onto the application. For example, a day time look will need less product than this high-velocity glam. Apply directly onto the entire mobile lid, and don’t exceed the area where your crease begins (as demonstrated in the image). Blend the outside of the eyeshadow with a fluffy eyeshadow brush to remove any harsh lines and to soften up the look.


  • Runway Room’s loose eye dust range will leave you spoilt for choice if you want eyes that pop! We’re reaching for the shade Sunset for that gorgeous burnt orange shade to compliment Leah’s light green eyes. Press this pigment on the mobile lid, and feel free to pack it on to let that colour really pop. Don’t worry about any fall out that drops onto the cheeks, because we will go in and clean that up in our next step. 


  • Wipe off any fall out from the dust and eyeshadow with cotton wool or makeup wipes, and then with that Conceal & Illuminate Palette, apply Pink Flesh again to achieve that clean finish under the eyes.

  • With a smaller eye shadow brush, apply Dream Time Eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Tap off any excess product to avoid the pigment falling out and disturbing that freshened-up area. This step really adds dimension to the eyes, creates that gorgeous smokines and creates overall balance

  • This step comes down to personal preference, but it is one that will really make your eyes pop! Using Runway Room’s Brown Eye Definer, line the bottom waterline from the outer corner to the inner corner. Brown is a great alternative to black because it won’t look overly harsh, and tends to be more flattering on a variety of eye colours and complexions.

  • Run through your mascara of choice through the top and bottom lashes. If you happen to have mascara transfer onto your skin (it happens to the best of us), don’t go straight in with a wipe because you will find the product will smudge and ruin your masterpiece. Instead, move on to the next step, allowing the mascara to dry, and then come back to it after a few minutes. You will find that you can easily flick off the product with a Q-tip, leaving your makeup smudge-free and undisturbed!

  • Moving onto the brows, Runway Room’s Brow Dust is triple milled with resin so it is the perfect product for the job. We are using an angled brow brush that can be found in our ‘Brow Maintenance Kits’ because it allows full precision during your product application. The bulk of the product should go towards the outer tail of the brow, leaving very minimal product on the inner corner. This will ensure that flattering, gradient look that still looks quite natural. Brush out any excess product with our brow spooly, also found in our Brow Maintenance Kit! (Full tutorial: 


  • To amp up the glam, we definitely suggest popping on a pair of lashes - we love our Luxe Lash for elongation and volume. These high quality, 100% human hair lashes include a non-latex glue. Trim the lash strip to fit the eye shape, and apply the glue to the entire band. Allow a minute for the glue to become slightly tacky, before applying lash directly on the lash line.

  • Now that the eyes have been perfected, we’re going to focus back on the skin and create a more full-coverage, flawless finish. Our Mineral Foundation Stick will work its magic in this step- apply directly onto the skin (a little goes a long way). Feel free to be more generous on areas that need that extra coverage. Buff the product in with our new Foundation Buffing Brush, nice and evenly all over the face. Remember not to neglect the ears and surrounding, particularly if you’ll be sporting a high pony tail!

  • Set your base with our Mineral Powder Foundation by applying evenly onto entire face for a flawless finish. This powder won’t leave you feeling cakey or powdery, so don’t be afraid to apply more generously onto areas that need a little bit of a heavier coverage!


  • What would a Runway Room look be without one of our bestsellers? Our Glow Palette contains three of our crowd favourites; Vegas Sunset, Peach Punch and Illuminate Powder. Using our Vegas Sunset bronzer, bronze any areas where you’d like to create shadow. Hollows of the cheekbones, underneath the jawlines and along the temples. Bronzing under the lips is another beauty hack- it helps to make your lips appear plump by creating the illusion of a shadow below.


  • With the third shade, our gorgeous Illuminator, highlight any areas that you want to ‘bring forward’ and help to catch the light. In example, this product looks stunning on the high parts of the cheek bones, on the brow bone, along the cupids bow, down the bridge of the nose and also on the inner corners of the eyes to make them pop!


  • Our Peach Punch Blush is one of Runway Room’s bestsellers, and for good reason. It adds that gorgeous complexion that resembles flushed, healthy skin. It also has a sheen throughout the pigment which gives off a stunning, natural glow. Apply this blush on the apples of the cheeks, blending upwards for that natural, non-surgical face lift.

  • Our eyes are the star of the show, so we don’t want to ditract from that area with an overly-bold lip. Our Nude Matte Lip works wonders on this type of look. Line the entire lip with this gorgeous, creamy pencil. The beauty of this product is that you can layer it on if you’d like to enhance that pigment, otherwise you can keep it natural and sheen.


  • Finish off your masterpiece with a peachy gloss on the lips. Summer Days Lip Gloss is that perfect, summery shade that works gorgeous on this type of eye look. Its beautiful fragrance will leave you reaching for it all the time! It will leave you feeling fresh sans that sticky texture that is normally associated with a lot of glosses on the market.


There you have it- an easy, wearable and trendy full-glam makeup that is both Pro-Standard and will be sure to make heads turn! 

Click Play to watch full tutorial: