Making the Move to Mineral?


Love a heavy-duty finish but tired of the break-outs that come with it? Now you don’t need to shy away from amping up your glam -  our new 100% Mineral Skin pack has you fully covered; literally.
Runway Room Cosmetics have created the ultimate full-coverage ‘Mineral Skin’ pack that won’t compromise your skin (and wallet)! We would also like to introduce our BRAND-NEW Foundation Stick… so beauty lovers, this is definitely one for the wish-list.


What makes this skin pack so special?

The beauty of mineral makeup is that there are none of those hidden nasties that are hidden in a lot of cosmetics on the market. Even though you may feel on point when you’re 3 layers deep in your regular makeup, if it’s not mineral, you may find your skin feeling not so hot the following morning- we all know the feeling. Makeup that is packed with artificial ingredients such as talc, chemical preservatives, fragrances and chemical dyes tend to be detrimental to your skin’s health, and as part of the vicious cycle, you may find that you’re packing on extra makeup to cover up the damage that your makeup did in the first place! Making the switch to mineral can improve your skin’s overall appearance, and as we all know, having a great canvas to start with will make your glam look even more flawless.


Mineral makeup is:

  • Makeup in its most natural form
  • Great for sensitive skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Possesses sun protective qualities
  • Absorbs excess oil and prevents breakouts
  • Refines the appearance of pores
  • Minimises the appearance of wrinkles


Our brand new Mineral Skin Pack includes:


I know we’ve been keeping you on your feet, but the wait is finally over... this brand new product is now available and, as anticipated, is already flying off the shelves!! Our Makeup Artists and lucky customers that have had their hands on this stick foundation are raving about its coverage and flawless matte finish. It is absolutely perfect for covering up redness/rosacea, uneven skin tone, or even just that break-out that thought it would give you a nice little surprise this morning!

Moisturise and/or prime your skin as per your usual makeup routine, and then feel free to go straight in with this stick over the top. Apply more generously where you feel you may need that extra coverage. It’s best to start off with a little bit of product and then step back and evaluate whether you would like to add some more- it’s always easier to add rather than take away, after all!






Set your foundation with this 100% Mineral Powder that works hand-in-hand with our Mineral Foundation stick. The formulation of this product guarantees that you won’t look cakey or powdery, despite the gorgeous coverage! The beauty of this product is that it even works beautifully by itself- perfect for those low-key days when you don’t necessarily want to go all out and apply a heap of makeup.  


This all-natural fibre brush is designed specifically to be used with our Mineral Powder Foundation. Its soft feel not only feels super luxe on the skin, but will also ensure to not disturb your perfect base when applying your powder.


Small but substantial, the function of this cute little sponge is not to be underestimated! In recent years, these tiny beauty blenders have crept their way into our kits because of their gorgeous, airbrush-looking result. Using a beauty blender to apply your foundation is a great technique because it is so gentle and non-abrasive, and it also guarantees a streak-free finish! Dampening this sponge before blending your foundation in will make sure you don’t lose too much product to absorption.











Being an absolute crowd-pleaser, it would be rude not to include this triple threat in our Mineral Skin pack. This small, convenient palette includes magnetic pans of our best sellers that work beautifully on every skin tone- Vegas Sunset bronzer, Peach Punch blush and of course our Illuminating Powder. The best part - if you want to interchange any of these colours with other large pans in our extensive range, you don’t need to purchase a whole new palette.

Apply Vegas Sunset on any area that you would like to mimic shadow (ie: hollows of your cheekbones, along the jawline and on the temples of the forehead). It also doubles up as a gorgeous eyeshadow (watch video linked below for more details on how to nail this technique).

Peach Punch blush is our secret to that iconic ‘Runway Room’ look, bringing out a healthy complexion and stunning luminosity, even on those days where you’re feeling a little bit flat- this trusty blush will shine through. Apply directly onto the apples of the cheeks and blend upwards and outwards to create that youthful lift. Again, this multi-purpose product can be put to use as an eyeshadow as well.. Win-win!

Finally, our Illuminating powder is the answer to your dull skin woes. Its pearly finish will ensure that you effortlessly catch the light everywhere you go, without looking OTT with too much of a glittery shine. Apply this highlighter to the high points of your cheeks, on the brow bone, inner corner of the eyes, and down the bridge of your nose (although if your skin gets oily throughout the day, you can definitely skip on this step!)














Selfie-ready finish, no banks broken AND full-coverage makeup that is actually good for your skin? All I can say is… be quick before these kits get snatched up!

Full tutorial explaining how Runway Room MUA, Enrica, uses the Mineral Skin Pack to create a beautiful, flawless base.