We're here to help you stay flawless ALL SUMMER LONG ~ RR's guide to summer makeup, including tips + tricks...

Hello beauty lovers!

We're a hop, skip and a jump away from the jolly season, and we have some HOT tips and must-have products to too good not to share with you. So whether you've been naughty or nice, the little elves at HQ think you deserve to hear these hacks to help you sleigh all day.

Sorry, I'll show myself out.




DON'T DITCH PRIMER - How you base your face will set the tone for your makeup for the duration of the day, so make sure you nail this first step to combat that oil and shine before you even see it!

Apply Runway Room's Mattifying Primer all over the face. This will not only help you see your makeup right through to the end of the day, but will keep your face nice and matte. 



DARE TO GO BARE - POWDER FOUNDATION IS YOUR NEW BFF - This just in, ladies - less is more! Powder is the product that everybody is opting out for in sweaty seasons, because it is known to absorb moisture and oil.

Bonus points for a MINERAL powder, right? Our Mineral Foundation Powder is an absolute essential for your tote this summer - made out of all natural ingredients &  contains SPF to keep your skin youthful and well-protected against UV rays. This powder also won't clog your pores and make you feel cakey like a lot of powders on the market. 

If you can't neglect your trusty liquid foundations, or you need some extra coverage for those summer nights, use them sparingly. More layers = more creases. Press the product right into your skin with some pressure as well (either with your brush or beauty blender), rather than leaving it sit on the surface of your skin. Just remember to use some Translucent Setting Powder if you do choose the liquid option to lock the product in - after all, what's wet needs to set!


THERE IS SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH HIGHLIGHTER - Despite being one of contemporary makeup's most iconic products, we seldom need too much highlighter when it comes to those high temps. This is because your 'glow' will inevitably develop throughout the day, and when there is already too much applied, the SHINE is very emphasised. 

Additionally, try to avoid sparkly highlighters as they often bring out any form of texture in even the smoothest of skins - if you want just a touch of dimension on your cheekbones and cupids bow, light handedly apply Runway Room's Illuminating Powder - it has a pearly finish which mimics that natural radiance. 



OILY EYES? BAKE THAT LID - You spend quality time perfecting those peepers and then, only a couple of hours into the day, you find yourself trying to smooth out creases & clean up any areas where your liner has transferred higher onto your lid. If this is you - get yourself onto BAKING.

Baking is a process by which you allow setting powder to rest on your skin for a couple of minutes before lightly sweeping it off. It has proven to increase longevity of makeup and control the appearance of shine. Quite often, people bake under their eye areas to set their concealed areas, however this technique works a charm on oily lids! After applying concealer to your lid, let Transclucent Setting Powder sit for a while before applying eyeshadow (if any). Thank us later!



SUMMER-PROOF YOUR LASHES - Whether you're going for a dip or just enjoying the sunshine, avoid that oh-so-familiar black smudge around your eyes. Find yourself a smudge-proof mascara that will cover you for all your summer activities. Or let us do the work for you - Power Lash Mascara is our secret to long, nourished lashes. Mascara is a really easy way to enhance the eyes and overall face with even the most minimal makeup looks. 



DON'T HAVE A BROW MALFUNCTION -  Wet products such as crayons and gels that are often used to fill in brows can often lead to little (or big) blunders throughout the day. Sweat on your face can cause the product to move around, and upon making any form of contact with your brow throughout the day, you may find yourself in a sticky situation (read: BROW MESS).

Swapping your pencils or gels for a Brow Dust is a far better suited option for summer, as powder holds any moisture down and sets on the face far better.



DAB DON'T RUB - If you're in too deep and can't avoid the heat & sweat, ensure you dab at your face (either with blotting paper or tissue). Gently dab off the area instead of wiping at your face. Wiping at the sweat will move the product on your face, leaving you in an even stickier situation. 



LUSH KISSERS ALL DAY LONG - With hot weather comes dehydration, and one of the first places you can spot lack of hydration are our lips.

Say goodbye to dry, cracked lips and let me introduce you to Runway Room's Lip Prep - with peppermint and menthol for plumping and hydrating the lips, this product is an absolute essential. Even if you have nothing else on your face, we guarantee you'll be reaching for this little piece of goodness (yes, little - it will tuck away just perfectly into your beach bag). You'll feel hydrated and nourished with just one swipe, and it can be worn alone or underneath lip products of your choice for longevity and hydration.