What Runway Room are doing during the Covid-19 Crisis - Written by Angelo Kioumourtzis

Being in the middle of Covid-19 has been a struggle for all of us. We've chosen to take the precautionary measure of closing down our salons temporarily for the safety of our clients and our staff. But that hasn't stopped us from working hard to find other ways to spread our message of uncomplicated beauty. We've spent the last few weeks training our staff to be able to deliver online courses packed with industry insider knowledge to people who want to occupy their time in the comfort of their own home. We've had a fabulous response with bookings filling up fast and students loving the fact they can learn in a relaxed environment like the comfort of their own home.

We've also taken the time to introduce a new service. Our $99 fully redeemable makeup consultation. It's a great opportunity to have a one on one with professional to find out what products would flatter you the most. it includes a phone consultation that that works out what will best suit you and to book in appointment time. which is then followed by a 1 on 1 virtual lesson on how to use the products. Perfect for someone who is trying to change up there routine but not sure where to start.
We're also taking this time to encourage everyone to upgrade your kits! Clean out your makeup bags, get rid of products that we really shouldn't be holding onto... we're all guilty!!! Also give your brushes a good, deep clean!!!
PRO TIP: A great tip that is often held within the industry is using a bar of Sards Wonder Soap! Yep- straight out of the laundry aisle in the supermarket. All you have to do it run your brush under some lukewarm water, lather the brush lightly until makeup has come of the brush, rinse, squeeze out and lay down flat with the bristles hang over the edge of a counter. The light amount of bleach in the soap disinfects and leaves the bristles looking brand new. You'll be impressed every time.