Believable Skin with Spot Concealing (Micro-concealing)

Here at Runway Room we’ve prided ourselves in taking the approach of enhancing rather than covering peoples natural beauty. There are a few key tricks to achieving this look.

One of our
favourite to implement into an every day routine is spot concealing. It’s an easy way to achieve a natural look to the skin. My star product for this technique is the Runway Room Conceal & Illuminate Palette. It has the perfect array of colours to be able to use on almost any complexion.

The palette also includes our raved about Pink Flesh Concealer. The way I like to go about this technique is using a small brush like our HD BRUSH to apply to our problem areas such as blemishes, redness and dark circles. I then use my finger to blend with a patting motion to keep the coverage in place.

Now that you’ve covered any imperfections you’ll need a lot less foundation,
resulting in a more natural and believable finish to your makeup look. Remember not to buff over the areas you’ve spot concealed because you’ll disrupt all of the hard work you’ve put in.
All you need now is to set the sin and you’re ready to go!!!

- Written by Angelo Kioumourtzis