Who said Halloween makeup can’t be glam?? Not us!

I have created this gorgeous glam halloween look which is perfect for those spooky parties, but still lets you look your best!

Start with prepping the skin with our First Base Primer. This hydrates and smoothes skin tone leaving it with a beautiful pearly glow. For this look I want the skin to be glowing and a little glossy so this is the perfect primer to prep with. I concealed the under eye area and eye lids with the Mineral Cream concealer in a shade A which will take away any darkness and also act as an eye primer for my eyeshadow to sit on. I then applied Face Base Luminous Foundation in
shade A minus. Again, this foundation leaves your skin glowing with a fresh healthy look. I like to start with a light layer, create my eye look and then come back and perfect the base.

Now to create the eye. Using Burnt Orange from Mia’s Palette I press all over the mobile lid, ensuring that this area is opaque with color, with a fluffy blending brush I then fuse the eyeshadow through the socket and up towards the tail of the brow. Pro Tip - if you feel you have made the angle of the eyeshadow too low, grab your concealer brush and wipe upwards, starting from the lower lash line out towards the end of the brow and this will correct the angle of the eye shadow. We want to keep the lower lash line crisp and clean so I won't be bringing color under there. It is the lids that are having all the fun in this look!
On one eye I created a crisp black wing, I used a gel liner. I want it to be quite bold, remember we do have some decoration off one eye so you want to try and balance the look on the other.

Now to have a little fun, creating the spider web. This is easily done by adding to the wing that you have already created. The wing itself becomes the top line of the web, then you want to add another line going directly out to the side so no angle and then another with a line going on the same angle but downwards to the top wing. Simply join the web together with 2 arched lines and then draw your little spider hanging off his web on the top of the cheek bone.
Finish off with lashings of Power Lash mascara really focusing on the lower lash line. As this is being left bare I really want to have the lower lashes with a good coating of mascara.
Pro Tip- Once you have applied mascara to the lower lash line, with some tweezers and of course with lots of care and focus, I like to pinch together a couple of lashes at a time and do this all along the eye. This gives the illusion of a fuller lash line. I then apply some fluffy lashes using Luxe lash.
For a bolder brow I feathered in Pressed Mineral Brow dust in light and brushed the brow up!
Pro Tip- to keep those brows brushed up, spray some hairspray on a spoolie and brush the brow, this ensures they hold for the entire day!

Now let's perfect our base. Add another layer of our face base foundation to increase the coverage, just be careful around the eye with the artwork. I then want to achieve that airbrushed look, using the Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in shade A is the exact product for this. Not only will this set your foundation, it will give a little extra coverage but it will also blur the skin which gives it that airbrushed look. To keep with our glossy skin, I used Peach Punch in the Mineral cream stick. Using a stick gives the cheeks a dewy finish, to highlight I also used our Cream highlighter in ICE Cream. It is perfect for a highlighted gloss finish.
Deepen the hair and jaw line with a wash of Summer Kiss Bronzer.
I really wanted to compliment the Burnt Orange on the eye, but I didn't want to go a full bold lip so I mixed our Entrepreneur bold orange lipstick with our Librarian nude brown lipstick which gave me a gorgeous punch terracotta color, which tied and balanced the look perfectly.
And there we have it, a Halloween makeup, that is still super glam!