A note from the Founder - GLOWING SKIN IS ALWAYS IN


Feedback from women of all ages, over many years had been consistent- I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know where to start, so I don’t bother. Or most commonly people still stuck in a beauty routine from when they were teenagers. As we move from season to season our skin changes, therefore so should your products. The reaction to their ‘new glow’ was life changing, for me as well as them. I knew that was my purpose. I was addicted to those transformations and I don’t mean transformation of their ‘looks’ I mean transformation of the way they felt, their confidence. A light from within would shine brighter than ever and that made me feel like I had a superpower, my makeup brush, like a magic wand! Sharing this with more and more people became my mission. Empowering them with this knowledge, how using the right products for your skin can change everything. Enhancing instead of masking, glowing instead of covering and correcting instead of concealing (hiding) empowering women with the right products, tools and education to be able to achieve our signature glow, themselves.


Sharing my personal tips, tricks products and techniques with everyone. Empowering them to look and feel their best. Demystifying beauty and providing uncomplicated beauty solutions for everyone. Beauty shouldn’t be hard, looking good is easy with Runway Room. Providing education for informed buying. Easy to follow tutorials explaining and showing how to apply in a simple and easy way. Keeping it simple, minimal products and minimal tools, no beauty routine should include loads of steps. Time is precious, put it this way, ‘baking’ should only ever be referred to when in the kitchen!! Products with a focus on weightless, glowy formulas that hydrate and nourish while blurring and smoothing our pores, redness and texture. Producing sophisticated products with ease of application in mind.


Everyone! We have always been about inclusion, from the beginning before it was a such a widely used term’. My very first colleagues will tell you, my focus was making ‘everyone’ feel incredible. Not just the ‘cool kids’ or ‘influencers’. No one should ever feel intimidated or like they’re not good enough to enter a salon or store and yet I had so many women confide in me and confess their fears. Everyone at every age deserves to look and feel their best and that’s what we have always believed and practised from the very beginning. People from all ages, demographics and cultures have embraced Runway Room Cosmetics and we are proud to have built a loyal and diverse following. So many ‘business people’ told me I must have a demo, I must have a ‘type’ of customer. Age bracket, socio-economic bracket etc. I always strongly fought this notion. An 18 yr old going to their school formal wants glowing skin and eyes that pop just as much as a 35 yr race goer or a 70 yr old Mother of the Bride, why must we box beauty into categories? I always stated, “our customer is anyone who wants to look and feel fresh & fabulous!”


Our products are made from premium ingredients with a focus on weightless, glowy formulas which makes them popular with all ages and skin types. Beautiful, glowing skin for everyone. Weightless and nourishing formulas to promote skin Heath as well as smooth out redness and camouflage blemishes, pores or texture. Infused with skin loving ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, white Sapphire, Vit E, Kakadu Plum to mention a few, Runway Cosmetics will have people complimenting you on your ‘skin’ not your ‘make-up’!

What else was important to us? Affordability, accessibility and quality,  delivering AFFORDABLE LUXURY Australia wide since 2012.