Complicated application. Who has time for that? Who wants to have to use 20 different products at the start of their day? At Runway Room we pride ourselves in creating a line of products that work with ease for an on the go routine.
One technique that we’d love to share with you is Cream product application. Some of the benefits of using cream products include having an easier application, a creamy dewy look to the skin and a more natural finish. I’m sure most of us have experienced the wrath of too much powder. Unfortunately a lot of us out there either have been taught that there are only powder blushes, bronzers and highlighters, or that you have to use a powder after cream. That’s not
always the case.

The way I like to approach a cream product look starts off with your skin prep.
I use the runway room flawless finish primer. I then apply my pink flesh concealer. If you conceal your under eyes and blemishes first you’ll need less foundation. I then go on with my cream colours. My star cream colour is the Runway Room Peach Punch Cream Blush. It’s not a wet cream that’s going to slide around the face, It actually dries down so that it doesn’t budge!

This product can be used on more than one area of the face. I start on the cheeks and then to achieve a beautiful and very on trend monochromatic look I apply some onto the eyes and a touch on the lip for a peachy tint. The best part about this is that it all can be done with your fingers. The warmth of them tends to warm the product up and helps It blend into the skin more naturally.

You can also use a cream highlighter like the one in our Conceal & Illuminate Palette and bronze and contour the skin with a darker shade in the same Palette. I do recommend using a brush or our blending sponge for cream bronzing as it’s tricky to blend larger areas with your fingers without getting a blotchy look to the skin. If you tend to be on the oilier side you can always use a light dusting of our translucent setting powder and that will keep the oils at bay
throughout the day.