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So you have entered or currently in, the world of ‘Dance Mum’ and you are trying to navigate your way through. It can be daunting especially when Competition / Dance concert day swings around. No matter how prepared you think you are, there will always be the last minute ‘Oh my goodness I don’t have the lipstick’ or ‘ I am so sorry we forgot our foundation...or bobby pins...or hair net’ the list goes on, don’t deny it, we have all been there before. The thought of having to apply makeup to your little one, even your teenager, making sure their hair is up to standard AND will it last all day can be very stressful.

Being prepared is key!  Every Dance school has their own little twists to a ‘concert’ look but usually it consists of full coverage, bold eyes with wing and red lips.

Whilst this can seem like a lot of makeup there is a reason behind it. Being under the bright lights on stage, dancers' faces can be lost and look faceless. Let’s ‘face’ it no one likes a faceless dancer! - Pun intended


It is all about coverage and longevity!  When we are talking about young kids and teenagers, who’s skin might be going through challenging times, using a Mineral Stick Foundation is ideal. You want something that is gentle and still allows the skin to breathe. Remember this has to be on the skin all day and into the night so it needs to last.

Setting this with a Translucent setting powder will enhance longevity and reduce any shine. Whilst we all love that glow, when we are on stage we don’t want to be shiny. Using a powder that you can reapply throughout the day will assist with this.

And let’s not forget Blush to bring that flush of colour back into the cheeks and bronzer to enhance the face shape.

Brows, Eyes and Lashes

Brows frame our entire face so we need to make sure they are bold and defined.  On stage we want our eyes to be defined  and  striking. Using a matte brown through the socket into the outer corners lifting the eye up and then a light cool tone on the mobile lid gives definition to the eye combined with a strong winged eyeliner, mascara and fake eyelashes. This will widen the eye making them look really big and bright on stage. Always make sure you have extra glue in your kit in case they start to lift off the lash line, we DON’T want a lash to fly off mid dance routine.


And let us not forget the lips! A Bold red lip is the signature finish to stage makeup Using a bold bright fire engine red and lashings of it!.

Products that are always in my Dance makeup kit:

Foundation - Runway Room’s Mineral Stick Foundation- full coverage and long lasting ** also great if you have tan jazz or tap shoes that become scuffed! Just dab a bit over the top and there you go good as new….**

Setting Powder -Runway Room Translucent Setting Powder-  reduce shine, creates longevity and can be reapplied throughout the day 100% Mineral

Blush and Bronzer - Pink Punch Blush and Vegas Sunset Bronzer -Creates colour and defines the face shape 100% Mineral

Brow Dust- Runway Room’s Brow dust - Frames the face 100% Mineral

Eye shadow - Runway Room’s Dance Palette - Defines the eyes - Matte Browns and a cool light shade to create definition of the eye 100% Mineral

Black Eyeliner - A good liquid liner for the wing to get that strong defined look and then a pencil for the lower lash line ** Also comes in handy if you have scuffed black jazz or tap shoes to patch it up**

Lashes- Power Lash Mascara and Lash Enhancements - A good mascara and false lash and glue No parabens and latex free glue

Lipstick- Runway Room Supermodel or CEO lipstick long lasting and high pigment. No heavy metals gentle on the lips.

 Like makeup, hair is usually standard and will most definitely contain a bun or a high ponytail.

Key things to have in your hair kit:

Bobby pins - and LOTS of them, what dancer’s hair isn’t full of bobby pins??

Hair net- this keeps the bun somewhat contained.

Hair donut - now this is what creates that perfectly rounded bun!

Hair Ties - Lots of them incase they snap

Hairspray- Stray hairs blowing in the breeze does not look good onstage make sure you spray those hairs ** also fabulous to spray on the bottom of shoes if you are slipping as well as on any runs you may get in your stockings!**

Hair Gel- This will is also key to stop those stray hairs falling loose and to achieve that slicked hair look

Other items that are important:

  • Safety Pins
  • Spare stockings
  • Tissues
  • Makeup Wipes
  • Cotton Buds
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks

 You should be fully covered and prepared for the big day and remember to have fun and enjoy the performance!!!