MATURE SKIN - Written by Angelo

As a brand of ageless beauty, we love to cater absolutely everybody. That means people of all ages and colour. As a lot of us start to show signs of age we can run into some problems with makeup. It’s not performing the way it used to, sitting in lines, lacking the radiance of young skin, emphasising texture. There are a fair few easy tricks and products that can really help with these drawbacks. 

Personally what I think defines ageless skin is a natural radiance. To achieve this look I wouldn’t go past the Luminous Face Base Foundation! It has gorgeous array of ingredients that help with slowly turning back the signs of ageing and a flawless glow (such as Rosehip Oil). Once colour matched, you can build it up to create a nice and even coverage, remembering though: the more you put on, the more that can seep into areas we don’t want it to. Applying less to areas that have signs of ageing always does the trick.

Now most of us are used to powdering the entire face and that can really create a dull look to the face masking any of that beautiful glow that you’ve just instated. 

Our Mineral Powder Foundation is a great alternative to your traditional pressed powder foundations. It has a fine shimmer in it to fight the look of dull skin. It also has blurring properties, which works wonders for areas that have enlarged pores and texture, creating a smooth look to the skin.

Topping all of this off with our blush in peach punch really finishes that youthful look giving you a pop of colour and glow to the cheek with its iridescent finish.

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