What's the difference between Face Base Foundation, Mineral Stick & Mineral Powder Foundations??

Our Face Base Liquid Foundation is a medium and buildable coverage. It is lightweight and water based so feels very moisturising on the skin. It gives a light and luminous coverage. 

Our Mineral Stick foundations are a buttery, Mineral, natural oil based formula. So a thicker consistency but still a glowy finish. It is a heavier coverage but as its infused with skin loving ingredients such as: Vit E, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil i still feels incredible on the skin. 

Our MIneral Loose Powder is a great alternative for people who dont like the feel of make-up. Its completely weightless, triple milled for the smoothest and non-cakey application and talc free. It is also SPF15 so will give light sun protection but most of all it gives an edited skin coverage! It's blurring effect leaves a flawless base all day long.

So which should you choose?

If you have dry to combination skin you will love Face Base or Mineral stick. Both will feel hydrating and nourishing for dry skin.

If you have oil skin you might prefer Face Base, as its a water base with Mineral Loose Powder pressed in over the top. You also re-apply Mineral powder throughout the day to help control oil and shine. Because this powder is Mineral and tripple milled, it wont build up and become cakey. A normal powder can become very muddy and cakey with reapplication. Runway's Mineral powder wont cake as its talc free formula is so fine its like a second skin.

If you have extra sensitive skin, try the Mineral powder on its own, its so lightweight and mild, it would be very rare for you to react but always do a test patch first.

How do I know which shade I am? 

DM us on instagram, a picture of yourself in natural light and we will colour match you. Otherwise you can email us at info@runwayroom.com

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